Blind Date II

Feel that joining a traditional dating website is too much of emotional commitment?

Then Dr Mumbo has just the Aussie website for you.  

blind-dateHandbag Partners – “no commitment, no strings, just great company” is the latest atttempt to tap into Australia’s dating scene.

Aimed at professional singles who have a function to go to and don’t want to turn up on their own, the service provides the “handbag” of a date to join them.

While it all sounds vaguely reminiscent of the Bruce Willis – Kim Basinger move Blind Date, Dr Mumbo can’t decide if this particular idea is brillliant or barking.

Naturally you can follow it on twitter @handbagpartner


  1. Sheila (@stinginthetail)
    20 May 09
    1:10 pm

  2. I vote “barking”. I laughed at the encouraging words about how most men really like older women – as long as they’re “more striking” than younger ones. As an older woman (48) on the net, if i join a dating site, there are plenty of young men chasing me – but they all want one thing, and it’s not an invite to an art gallery, or to have to be polite to my boss, lol.

    If you want a handbag, (what a derogatory word), those are called professional escorts and they cost money – they’re sober professionals who are good at what they do, used to being nice to their clients, and discreet about how they met. Sex is not necessarily part of their service, though obviously, it can be offered.

    By the way, on the net “no strings” means “looking for sex without commitment”. One would have thought the site owners might have noticed this when researching.

    This concept is conceivably dangerous, as one of the main rules of internet dating for both men and women, is “meet in public first”. (After you’ve spoken online and on the phone.) It’s not “take them to a office function” or “go off alone with a stranger”.

    If getting into someone’s car on an internet first date is a big no-no (which it is) – then letting a stranger into your life on this basis – thinking because you said “no sex” that they left their genitals at home – could be asking for trouble, especially for those inexperienced with the kind of predators one finds on internet ‘dating’ sites.

  3. Monica Aleksander
    14 Jun 09
    4:29 pm

  4. WOW – thanks for the comments Sheila about – it tells me a lot about you as a person, but more about how you feel about yourself. Glad to know that at 48 you have so many young men chasing you, but had to go to an on-line dating site to find that out.

    Sorry to hear that your ‘trams ‘n’ trains’ aren’t working to the best of their ability, but then again the phrase may be perceived as derogatory, as it simply means – ‘brains’. And just think how lucky you are that no one needs to every remember your name – they can just call you ‘Sheila’ or maybe you would prefer ‘Luv’ instead, but no doubt you would even take offense to that.

    Glad to also know that you are blessed with such stupendous knowledge regarding escort agencies. Too bad you don’t have a clue about, as it does not offer sex as part of the service – but then again YOU would know – wouldn’t you? And your eloquent comment that “they (men) all want one thing and it’s not an invite to an art gallery ….” is also enlightening. So, let me get this straight, – all men go out with a female because they want nothing else but sex? Well Sheila, thanks for that insightful data and I must remember that next time I undertake research on this subject I would be only too happy to forward you the results of the survey.

    Added to this, why would someone be naïve enough to not meet their date in a public place first, before going to a function? Maybe one needs to be 49 and not 48 to have this knowledge. I can’t remember endorsing this type of foolishness on the site.

    If I may be so bold as to explain the concept of, it may enlighten those ‘trams ‘n’ trains’ of yours. provides a social online dating / networking service, which allows singletons of all ages to have someone to take to an upcoming function, event or everyday outing. Because of choice or circumstances not everyone has a partner, a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, etc. Yes, the world is no longer perfect! And another fact that maybe of interest to you, is that a large majority of singletons are extremely happy with their lives – and so they should be. However some prefer to go to their outing with someone like-minded.

    Singletons at times are left with a spare ticket to a concert, an exhibition or a sporting event and would prefer to enjoy the occasion with someone other than themselves. I know this is difficult for you to comprehend, but I am writing this as simply as I possibly can for your benefit.

    Many are widowed and are not looking for a relationship, however would like the company of another single person to go out with. Single parents normally have little time to socialise and find themselves without a partner to take to that invite, be it a wedding, a work function, etc. Others are career driven but still need to attend an event; some are travellers who would enjoy the company of another singleton to see the sights, be that a male or a female.

    Our members for whatever reason are single and prefer to have the company of someone, to enjoy their next outing with. One member has posted an invite to find someone that enjoys cooking who would attend some cooking classes with her, becasue she doesn’t want to go alone. I doubt that she is looking for sex. caters to the 35 years plus age bracket who are genuine people from all walks of life, who enjoy the company of another human being. Fortunately, not every singleton views this new online social dating / network concept with such a pessimistic mentality as you. Our oldest member is 81 years of age and I wonder if she thinks that all men are just after sex?

    Online dating was taboo 15 years ago and the thought of telling anyone that you met your partner via internet dating was unheard of. Yet, today it’s the norm. Maybe you would prefer our members to not socialise, not go out to that event that is important to them, or not make new friends? Maybe they should be enticed to find a partner on another online dating site with profile names as -‘Sexed Up’ or ‘Dumb Blonde’??? is a new concept that simply gives singletons another way of meeting other, singletons. Until you have walked in the shoes of every single individual – would you appreciate how they feel and why they are interested in trying a new social online dating / network service as Maybe you have had too many stings in your tail?

    Thank you for taking the time to look through our site and your comments are noted, but for me I must now hit the ‘frog ‘n’ toad’.


  5. John Singleton
    14 Jun 09
    5:23 pm

  6. Wow – a whole agency dedicated to Singletons. This is very exciting. Of course, that’s just flattery. I know that it’s not JUST for Singletons. However, Ms Aleksander, you clearly are looking for my investment and I like how you bring your business to my attention. So do send me a copy of your business plan and let’s talk. JS.

  7. Wanna Buy A Puppy or Two?
    14 Jun 09
    5:28 pm

  8. You tell her, Monica!

    I’ve got a bit of a PR problem myself. I run a puppy mill and the tide of pubic opinion has turned against me and my industry. :-(

    You seem like someone who knows how to turn things around! Don’t let the haters get us down! Let’s get together and bury those critics in an avalanche of 800-word comebacks every time they dare to voice their darned opinions.

    Let’s do it!!! Yeah!!!

    Dear Monica

    In light of your evident diplomatic skills we would like to interview you regarding a posting in an Australian representation abroad*. Please contact us at with your resume attached.

    Best regards
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    * We were thinking Mars. Or Alpha Centauri.

  9. backpack lover
    14 Jun 09
    5:51 pm

  10. Why do handbags always get all the love, whats wrong with backpacks?

  11. Harold
    14 Jun 09
    5:55 pm

  12. This 81-year-old woman — is she hot?

  13. Kim Jong-il
    14 Jun 09
    5:55 pm

  14. Monica, please contact me immediately – I am looking to upgrade my harsh, grating image and think that your people skills and ability to deal with public criticism could prove useful here in Pyongyang.

  15. Singleton Council
    14 Jun 09
    6:01 pm

  16. We here at Singleton council were very happy to hear of your interest in creating a way for our citizens to connect online, however we must take the stance that we do not condone the use of people as handbags. If there is one thing we learnt from Silence of the Lambs its that sewing peoples flesh into clothing/accessories can only lead to trouble.

  17. Single White Professional Male
    14 Jun 09
    6:08 pm

  18. I would love to take a complete stranger to a wedding as a first date. Please contact me immediately. Call, email or just tell the voices in my head.

  19. Fabio
    14 Jun 09
    6:11 pm

  20. As the most beautiful man in the universe, there is nothing wrong with dating older women. I haven’t discovered internet dating yet, but I hear its taking off.

    Older ladies, please contact my fanclub for my details I’ll be your handbag any time.

  21. Monica Aleksander
    14 Jun 09
    6:42 pm

  22. Flattery will get you everywhere Mr Singleton. We would be delighted to talk further.

    How do we contact you?


  23. Mr J Ripper Jr
    14 Jun 09
    7:08 pm

  24. I have to say I do like the fact Miss Monica has started a site like “Handbag Partners ”
    I only wish they had something like your site when my great Grandfather was looking for “Ladies” to accompany him on his nocturnal outings .

  25. Poloblue
    15 Jun 09
    11:26 am

  26. Ms Aleksander thank you so much for creating a hassle free, easy to use website that caters for us single people. I am a professional and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my various committments with other singles instead of spending them on my own. Most importantly I have made some very good friends out of the whole experience. Never again will have to sit at a table, theatre, restaurant, etc alone! Thank God for that!!


    Ps I am so glad you are on my side!

  27. Kim Jong-il
    15 Jun 09
    11:38 am

  28. IP address check, aisle 13!

  29. mumbrella
    15 Jun 09
    11:44 am

  30. Hi Kim,

    I’m way ahead of you… it’s a new IP address.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  31. Kim Jong-il
    15 Jun 09
    12:02 pm

  32. Tim, if my late brother (drowning not my fault, I promise!) Shura Kim were here to comment on blogs with us today, might I suggest that he would have a unique IP address himself? Yet I bet he too would rally for our bag lady’s cause. OK, quiet now, movie starting.

  33. Monica Aleksander
    15 Jun 09
    12:55 pm

  34. Thank you bloggers for your good, bad and indifferent comments – all taken on the chin.

    Certainly we are in the throes of seeking a real mentor and or investor to further develop our concept and site, as our intent is to expand further.

    Miss Monica

  35. Clare Werbeloff
    15 Jun 09
    1:11 pm

  36. Monica, do you have a section for Wogs because they are refusing to date me.

    Last time I checked, I was young, hot and single.


  37. John Grono
    15 Jun 09
    2:05 pm

  38. Hi Kim. I noticed that you didn’t mention your other living brother, Fah-Kim. I believe he is active on the site, but that only the 81-year old is interested in a bit of Fah-Kim.

  39. Kim Jong-il
    15 Jun 09
    2:15 pm

  40. Yes, often forgotten as he comes from my father’s first relationship. My father though would be well known to audiences world-wide from his pioneering attempt on the precursor to North Korean Idol many years ago. Only a coughing fit in the musical finale caught him short with the rumour going that he sung ill.

  41. John Grono
    15 Jun 09
    2:23 pm

  42. So he is not to be confused with your step-brother Song-Sung Bloo who did the Neil Diamond impressions on “Korea’s Got Talent”?


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