Liberals release first attack ad of election year

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 2.21.27 PMThe Liberal Party has released its first attack ad for the 2013 election, using Julia Gillard and her ministers’ own words to indict Labor.

The YouTube ad, released on the anniversary of Kevin Rudd’s challenge to Julia Gillard, is entitled “Dysfunction and treachery” and uses grabs from the politicians themselves to present the government as distracted and divided.

At the beginning of the ad, viewers are told: “12 months ago Kevin Rudd challenged Julia Gillard to become Prime Minister”, before featuring a montage of sound bites.

It concludes with the tagline: “After 12 months, nothing has changed.”

“Labor remains a chaotic, divided and dysfunctional government who have no plans for Australia’s future.”

Nic Christensen


  1. GreatStrategy
    27 Feb 13
    2:45 pm

  2. not very effective i have to say.

  3. The end is nigh!
    27 Feb 13
    3:13 pm

  4. Someone down at the Libs media unit needs to get the chop ASAP. They continue to churn out amateurish garbage like this.

  5. let's spend wednesday being pedantic
    27 Feb 13
    3:36 pm

  6. ” remains … , which has …”

  7. WD
    27 Feb 13
    4:01 pm

  8. Hey, Liberals, just shut-up and you’ll win….

  9. jibberjabber
    27 Feb 13
    4:49 pm

  10. c’mon guys, just think Steven Bradbury…

  11. Boring
    27 Feb 13
    5:08 pm

  12. What is it with the obsession over politics? The same people that are desperate to vote a party in, are the same ones that turn on them when things go pear shaped. It’s a constant back and forth, back and forth like a broken record. We live in Australia, with one of the most enviable societies and living standards in the world. Does it matter who runs the country? What difference is it going to make? $20 at the end of the month difference here or there, a few more or less nurses and teachers, an extra road or two. No thanks, I’m doing the “drop pen” technique on the ballat as I usually do.

  13. xx
    27 Feb 13
    5:12 pm

  14. “….who have no plans for Australia’s future” So how about you show us your plans then?

  15. Ann
    27 Feb 13
    7:21 pm

  16. They have been given a heap of material!!

  17. Andrew Walters
    27 Feb 13
    8:48 pm

  18. fantastic!

  19. doh
    27 Feb 13
    9:20 pm

  20. just shut up and you’ll win Tony

  21. Caesar Wong
    28 Feb 13
    9:45 am

  22. Oh great. So the tone that the Liberals are setting for this election is who can sling the most dirt and trash the other party, rather than focusing on policies. Well done, kill me now.

  23. Rob R
    28 Feb 13
    11:10 am

  24. How does the song go? “Wake me up when September ends….”

  25. Lindsay.
    28 Feb 13
    11:17 am

  26. So if you believe that ad, you should see the one where the same people tell what they think about the Liberals and Abbott. Not nice.

  27. Tbone
    28 Feb 13
    2:42 pm

  28. Its like those propaganda clips they parody on The Simpsons
    “Her sweet.. sweet….can.”

  29. Grant
    28 Feb 13
    3:00 pm

  30. ooh ouch!

  31. Billy C
    28 Feb 13
    5:25 pm

  32. No spoken announcement at the same time as the written announcement at the end? Are the rules different for online ads?