Swan dive

Curious goings-on during an ad break for Nine’s Sydney broadcast of The Logies. The network aired an ad for ARN’s radio station Mix just before 9.30pm.

Which would have been a pleasing marketing investment to see for Mix 106.5’s Sydney breakfast team of Tim Ross and Claire Hooper.

Except it was a promo for Mix 101.1’s Melboune breakfast team of Chrissie Swan and Jane Hall.

Dr Mumbo suspects that the phone call to the Nine sales team for a makegood is coming right… now.


  1. Tishy
    22 Apr 12
    10:50 am

  2. Hey Dr Mumbo
    Don’t forget what ‘assume’ does
    Most of the time when these things happen its actually the agency who’s instructed incorrectly. They seem to think that paying their people who do jobs that might have actual direct and measurable financial or image consequnces, shit wages and training them shit wont have predictable shit consequences….LOL…shit happens