Westpac brings in Bonnie Tyler to sing at couple’s fantasy wedding

Bonnie Tyler westpacBonnie Tyler walks on water while singing at a couple’s dream wedding in Westpac’s first TV ad since launching its brand repositioning from new ad agency DDB.

The 80s songstress belts out her 1983 power ballad Total Eclipse Of the Heart in the ad which promotes Westpac’s Reward saver account.

The ad comes days after the bank repositioned around the message of “Proudly supported by Westpac”. See the ad:

The TVC features n opulent beachside wedding with Tyler as the star performer until the bride-to-be is jolted out of her gym workout daydream.

Westpac is by no means the only brand to make use of musical acts from the nostalgia circuit appearing in the imagination of an ordinary consumer

Last month Ford used a hovering John Farnham performing You’re the Voice to promote its voice control. In 2010 Kia used members of Grandmaster Flasdh and the Furious Five in similar way.

Meanwhile, Coles is currently using Status Quo to promote its Down Down message and has also used musician Normie Rowe.


  1. Camille
    21 Nov 12
    12:54 pm

  2. Bonnie Tyler’s certainly no stranger to the ad circuit…..

    Mastercard (can’t believe she massacred her own song for this ad!!):

    Cadbury Gorilla:

  3. radvert
    21 Nov 12
    1:41 pm

  4. don’t get it.

  5. Bert
    21 Nov 12
    3:44 pm

  6. Glad to see a client finally seeing through the shit that Big Red were producing for them and have now done something great with another agency. Hopefully more clients will follow and we can get away from the lowest grade of advertising Big Red have been peddling. Well done Westpac.

  7. Jack Russell
    21 Nov 12
    3:56 pm

  8. This isn’t great by any means. Unless of course you use Big Red’s efforts as the measuring stick here. By comparison, sure. Stand-alone, it’s found wanting.

    This execution isn’t funny, its packed with cliches, and it contains no insight or empathy for the consumer. It’s indulgent, unfunny big agency work for a big brand. And then, how does this fit together with the shameless jingoism of the ‘brand’ work?

  9. Lucio
    21 Nov 12
    4:55 pm

  10. Feels like it came out of a Westpac corporate team-building session in Gosford.

  11. CHICKO
    21 Nov 12
    9:11 pm

  12. Shot in LA with UK talent,although i use that word loosely.
    (is that a hologram of the surely long deceased Bonnie?)Yep Westpac supporting Australia.

  13. Meghann
    22 Nov 12
    5:56 am

  14. I cant see the add in FRANCE what a shame :'( ! If you like BONNIE TYLER come on on my blog : http://bonnietyler.over-blog.com
    Love you Bonnie !

  15. Jeff
    22 Nov 12
    10:16 am

  16. I thought the ad was funny but I didn’t realise that was Bonnie Tyler, I thought it was a drag queen! She looks shocking.

  17. macarthursmutterings
    22 Nov 12
    11:46 am

  18. oh come on people it’s Bonnie Tyler, what’s not to like 😉

  19. Mick Hunter
    22 Nov 12
    10:14 pm

  20. I can’t believe that their strategy is: “Australian” yet somewhere, someone ,would rather have her wedding in America than here.
    Oh yeah, and eh, it’s complete shite, not to mention a waste of a lot of money.
    Gayle, why are my shares subsidising this rubbish?

    Call me. Mick.

  21. michel calixte baspin
    23 Nov 12
    12:14 am

  22. she ‘s the best we have in europ and even in all over the world unequable uncompareble unforgettablewoman and husky voice female in the rock’nroll menworld

  23. bob
    26 Nov 12
    5:40 pm

  24. Saw the ad at the movies last week. People laughed . I enjoyed it.