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Cleo’s mahn of the year

The 30 finalists for this year’s Cleo Bachelor of the Year are an eclectic bunch, with Home and Away, Wonderland and Neighbours actors up against AFL stars, A-League Players, world explorers, and a plumber.

However, the most bizarre pairing to make the final cut could well be Dom and Adrian, the Bondi Hipsters, who are obviously not content with just spruiking Old Spice.

Initially Dr Mumbo thought the clearly joke answers the pair gave to the questions would put off the voters. Then he read some of the other apparently serious profiles, and realised they might actually not be seen as a parody by some of those voting.

Dom Bondi Hipster CleoHowever, the pair appear to be taking very different approaches with their profiles, with Dom opting for a motto of “YOLO” (that’s You Only Live Once for anyone over 22 reading this) and Adrian “I exist. I really have to get to the core of absolutely everything that you ask, there’s no point in me saying, ‘Oh, a line that sums me up is that I’m sporty and I like nature’, like that’s really a veneer. Even then you’re only having a human experience, you know what I mean? You’re more of a spirit, so I am. I exist.”

Adrian Bondi Hipster Cleo

Adrian also seems to have a thing for Jared Leto. Apparently the decision to enter the pair as the fictional characters (as opposed to the actors Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier) was made at the discretion of editorial staff as it would “better resonate and identify with consumers”.

Of course, if one of them wins this does leave the possibility that the most eligible bachelor in Australia isn’t real.

You can see their full Q&As below, and get voting here.


Q: I’d make a good CLEO Bachelor because…

A: I’m also going to be honest about this, I don’t think I would make a good CLEO Bachelor of the Year but I’m not really in this to win, I’m more in this to have the opportunity to get to have sex with some more strangers who I’ve never met. I just want to           make it very clear that I did not sign up to enter this competition myself, there must be a girl, or several girls, who thought that I was fun to be around who must have put me forward. Maybe one of the girls off Tinder… I think Sally, or Stacey… but I definitely didn’t enter myself. Other people entered me, or another person. Next question, please.

Q: Which Hollywood actress would you take on a date and why?

 A: The blue chick from X-Men because she can shapeshift into a different chick every night. So you could pretty much have the best relationship. It’d be sick because you could have like a one-person orgy at any given time.

Q: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

 A: Joaquin Phoenix, ‘cos he’s got a good beard. Or there’s this actor named Christiaan Van Vuuren who’s pretty brilliant.

Q: What would make you fall in love with a woman?

A: Shape shifting is a good one. Like the blue chick from X-Men. Or to be an avatar, like the blue chick from Avatar. Dragon taming is a great one too. The ability to handle a big line of bath salt. And look, just good chat. Someone down to earth who’s full of good chat.


Q: I’d make a good CLEO Bachelor because…

A: Quite frankly I wouldn’t. To be honest, I think Bachelor of the Year is as pointless as the Bachelor of Arts. Does that make any sense? But it’s cool to be part of a comp and hang out with other really buff dudes. It’s not often I’m emasculated by other men, but the fact is there’s so many Aryan love children here that are just so beautiful to look at.

Q: Which Hollywood actress would you take on a date and why?

A: Jared Leto, because she’s so smoking hot. And she’s fully skinny.

Q: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

A: Who would play me? I would say… Jared Leto. Yeah, Jared Leto.

Q: What would make you fall in love with a woman?

A: A miracle. An actual miracle. Like what do I look for? I look for a miracle for me to fall in love with a woman.


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