Discount Rhonda

Discount Rhonda

Real Rhonda

Real Rhonda

No doubt all will soon become clear, but Dr Mumbo fears the worst over the number of videos that have flooded YouTube in recent days featuring the staff at various branches of Big W in homemade ads for the store.

The big red “Cha-Ching” signs and Everyone’s A Winner soundtrack are somewhat reminiscent of a Ted Horton-style cheesy Coles musical extravaganza.

Rhonda Cha-ching


And they also seem curiously fond of AAMI’s Rhonda-in-Bali ads. he hopes that AAMi’s lawyers feel similarly fond of Big W.

Considering Big W is trying to pump its low price message, surely not staff-made ads? Please?

Among Dr Mumbo’s favourites:   

Big W Altona Meadows’ appropriation of AAMI’s safe driver Rhonda:

And Big W Highpoint’s similar borrowing of Rhonda:

Big W Southland’s lip-synch:

Big W QV’s fist-pumping action which makes the Coles red hand gesture look positively innocent:

Charlestown’s high production superheroes and cheerleaders:

Big W Endeavour Hills who are so proud of their ad that the video conssoits of 21 seconds of ad and 30 seconds of credits:

Big W Fountain Gate getting topical with Fifty Shades of Grey:

Big W Echuca’s home made till:

There are dozens of them. Which does leave Dr Mumbo wondering – they do know the public can see this, don’t they?


  1. So...
    29 Jul 12
    6:06 pm

  2. Cha-vomit.

  3. AdGrunt
    29 Jul 12
    6:24 pm

  4. Oh dear.

    Has some team-building exercise escaped into the wild?

  5. Anon
    29 Jul 12
    7:10 pm

  6. Shocking.

  7. awesome
    30 Jul 12
    9:38 am

  8. I just died a little inside

  9. Ted Haggard
    30 Jul 12
    11:50 am

  10. Just because you can, does it mean you should?

    Also, isnt Cha Ching the name of CBA’s social mobile payments thing?

  11. The Internetz
    30 Jul 12
    12:04 pm

  12. Kaching rather than Cha-Ching Ted 😉

  13. Trevor Trevorsen
    30 Jul 12
    12:22 pm

  14. I went to Cha Ching once, the honey prawns and fried ice cream were delicious. RIP the Australian advertising industry.

  15. Dan
    30 Jul 12
    12:38 pm

  16. Eek! Maybe they are intentionally awful in some sort of bizarre post-modern-ironic way to get people talking about them? Or am i giving them too much credit… Hmm.

  17. Vox Pop
    30 Jul 12
    1:47 pm

  18. Wow. Looks like a whole batch of team sales videos from a sales conference have found their way online. I hope this was leaked, not uploaded because they’re proud!

  19. o_O
    30 Jul 12
    3:00 pm

  20. I hate to be negative, but this is as traumatic as walking in on your grandparents having sex while dressed up as the big bad wolf and a little pig. Your feet freeze in terror and you can’t run, and they see you at the door yet continue while staring into your bleeding eyes. Then grandpa makes an oinking sound.

  21. Okay
    30 Jul 12
    4:12 pm

  22. As an employee of Big W all these videos were apart of a inner store competition to create the most creative video involving the new stores slogan “Everyone’s a winner with Australia’s lowest prices, Cha-Ching” and nothing more. Its a chance for staff to get creative and have a bit of fun.

  23. Rob R
    30 Jul 12
    4:17 pm

  24. I reckon the Big W Altona one will be an integrated spot for Ten’s new “Everybody dance now” and if it’s not, I doubt Big W Altona bothered to get the rights for C& C music factory so whichever publishing house has the rights to C&C should be yelling Cha Ching! and grabbing a lawyer and heading for Altona…

  25. Surry Hills
    31 Jul 12
    1:34 pm

  26. WTF is this..? Worst commercials I have seen … EVER

  27. Joanne
    1 Aug 12
    1:19 pm

  28. WOW- I can’t believe Big W are actually actively encouraging their staff to go renegade and create ads, and then promote them online, which may not be in line with their brand…. horrible!

    Okay, it might be a fun inner store competition but it’s not something which should be played out on a public site like Youtube….