KFC begins The Goodification

KFC has unveiled the next stage of its Goodest Get Together promotion in which it ran a competition to help one person throw a party for 100 of their Facebook friends.

Agencies involved in the promotion include creative agency Ogilvy, PR agency Edelman, events company Ensemble and media agency Mediacom.

The winner of the competition was Liz Daly, with friends being flown in from as far as Europe for the KFC catered banquet. The new ad broke online over the weekend.

The brand has also uploaded a separate video explaning the rationale behind the phase “Goodest”, which is a play on its So Good positioning.

The campaign will be followed by a project officially launched yesterday KFC is describing as The Goodification. It said in a message on its YouTube page: “The 26th of February 2012 is a good day for KFC. In fact, it’s our goodest day ever, because we’ve set out on a mission to improve everything we do. We call it ‘The Goodification’. It’s simple; you take a good thing, goodify it, and voila! It’s gooderer. So there’s lots of good stuff to come. Or is it gooder stuff? Or the goodest? Well, you pick. What we do know for sure is that we’re getting gooderer, for you.Have a good one.”


  1. Macsmutterings
    27 Feb 12
    11:21 am

  2. that competition was made for me, why of why did I not win it?

  3. B
    27 Feb 12
    12:10 pm

  4. Same here, Maccsmutterings! A party where I can fly in my friends from around the world has always been a dream of mine. A party catered by KFC though, not so much.

  5. Well Done
    27 Feb 12
    2:49 pm

  6. What a great promo well done Ogilvy & friends.

  7. Andy
    27 Feb 12
    6:18 pm

  8. Oh god, this is the kind of transparent social media bandwagon stuff that turns away the young crowd and is lost on the older generation.

  9. a
    27 Feb 12
    9:51 pm

  10. A directors cut for a fast food ad? wow. Cant wait for DVD with extras and all. re-release a 3D version perhaps?

  11. disLIKE!!!!
    28 Feb 12
    1:08 am

  12. Watching that left me with a sick taste in my mouth – much like the product really! If that was intentional, hats off to the creative team! Ironically the ad ends with the tagline “so good!”….”so shit” more like it! And one more thing…”gooder” – please…grow up KFC!!!

  13. Daniel
    28 Feb 12
    9:25 pm

  14. There is nothing good about KFC. They support the saidstic farming of chickens (broiler chickens) and there chickens are often boiled alive after having their throats only partially slit and sometimes not even slit at all.

  15. Paul Wilcher
    29 Feb 12
    10:44 am

  16. No wonder our language is disintegrating.

    “Gooder” KFC is NOT a word…. And by the way; Nor is “Funnest”…

  17. whatjanesays
    5 Mar 12
    12:58 pm

  18. Andy, I agree entirely. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the ad – jump on the Social Media bandwagon.
    And the made up word… really? I have plenty of words that are actual words to explain how I feel about this – annoying, ignorant, immature, uneducated, sad, really annoying!

  19. Tony
    6 Mar 12
    3:20 pm

  20. An appalling trashing of the English language! I am advising everyone to ditch KFC. SHAME!!

  21. gg
    7 Mar 12
    10:02 am

  22. No Tony, I’m not going to stop eating at KFC because of their grammar. This ad annoys me because it’s always some irritating person or group of people who get given international flights.

    I’m pretty sure KFC are aware ‘gooder’ is not a word.

  23. Rushdie
    7 Mar 12
    11:32 am

  24. Watching the tv spot, they had me untill the banquet…of KFC. Then I guffawed. Engagement stuff can work well when it’s a good fit. But think about it KFC. You seriously think we buy into a global get together to eat that crap? Come, leave your black -glass YUM fortress, and walk amongst the people. Now look around you. See, despite what Ogilvy might be telling you, your market thinks your advertising is, well… take the “goo” out of “goodification” and you’re almost there.

  25. Cuthbert
    7 Mar 12
    2:56 pm

  26. KFC chicken is da bomb

    Not too keen on the ad though.

  27. James
    11 Mar 12
    12:56 pm

  28. Hardly original (no pun intended) A rip off of the ford add where she visited all her fb friends on a tank of gas or some such drivel.

  29. misterx
    12 Mar 12
    4:27 am

  30. i’d just lash on the banquet and take everyone to the pub, or have the party at home.

  31. Bill
    15 Mar 12
    8:07 pm

  32. What a crap campaign, it’s being going 5 mins and it’s annoying the crap out of me

  33. Fuddlepantsdatroll
    16 Mar 12
    9:14 pm

  34. No, what is really amazing is the number of numb minded individuals that live their lives on facebook. “going out now wank wank…woke up now…wank wank…please be my friend because my self esteem is so low” Feed them all the KK they can eat, their arteries will clog and voila! All gooderer coz they are no more

  35. posey
    17 Mar 12
    9:53 pm

  36. mmm gooderer food, makes me think it will be gooderer for me healthwise hah!, as opposed to gooderer tasting.. bring on the fat, salt and sugar. Be sure to include a bag of kfc chicken skin, that’s all we buy it for, mmm the chicken skin, goodes goodshite…..

  37. Brett
    20 Mar 12
    5:58 am

  38. One of the most irritating commercials in ages …lol.