We’ve All Been There, and there

There are certain Tropfest traditions that Dr Mumbo is always keen to see observed. One of which is the annual drawing of attention to parallels between the winner and previous pieces of work.

And the Twittersphere has been keen to point out the similarities between Tropfest winner We’ve All Been There and a saccharine American country song’s video from 2000.

Director Nicholas Clifford acknowledged his adaptation from a short story named What Goes Around Comes Around.

But what about Clay Walker’s Chain of Love?

The song is written by Rory Lee Feek and Jonnie Barnett, adapted from a short story they wrote for Chicken Soup For The Country Soul, published in 1998.

But Tropfest wouldn’t be Tropfest without a copycat controversy.

Hat-tip: Matthew Clayfield and SJP.



  1. Jus sayn
    19 Feb 13
    2:57 pm

  2. Chain Of Love was based on a real life incident reported in the media. Was “we’ve all been there” a homage or a rip off ? I guess it is open to interpretation. They could have at least dressed it to look Australian.

  3. Kernil
    19 Feb 13
    3:26 pm

  4. The Lance Armstrong of Short Films

  5. lem
    19 Feb 13
    5:01 pm