The cult of Kyle claims more victims

Bruno Bouchet Matt Simpson 2Day FM

Simpson and Bouchet in a rare photo taken in captivity

It’s always nice to read quotes that are as sincere as a captive repeating the ransom demands in a hostage video, so it was good to see the press release heralding tomorrow morning’s debut of The Producers Edition of The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

The show, on air in Sydney at 6am, features the Kyle & Jackie O Show’s producers Bruno Bouchet and Matt Simpson.

While the idea – a behind the scenes look  at the making of the daily show – is an intriguing one, the supplied quote from the pair is the best thing:  

“Kyle & Jackie O are our life, we worship them, when you have the privilege to work with such great idols everyday as their producers, why would you want to do a radio show about anything else? And our boss made it clear that this show is not to be a distraction.”


  1. Steve
    16 Sep 11
    10:23 am

  2. Being so genuine, irreverant and self-deprecating, these guys could be the next Fitzy and Wippa.

  3. nickatnights
    16 Sep 11
    11:07 am

  4. I am in the cult also and am pretty upset they didn’t enlist me on the show. I’ve been practicing my longer sentences just in case. They should get the cleaner and the mail boy to also do a show. Maybe at 4am on Monday morning. Now there’s a hit!!!

  5. Ash
    16 Sep 11
    1:03 pm

  6. Maybe the show should be “Nickatnights, Mailboy and The Cleaner”? That has a pretty good ring to it….

  7. Robert Lampe
    16 Sep 11
    8:43 pm

  8. Why would anyone want to emulate that vile self-important “man”.
    Isn’t he one of the most hated people in Australia?