Wirra Wirra wine brand builds giant bottle made of corks

South Australia’s McLaren Vale winery, Wirra Wirra, has launched an ambient campaign centred around building a 10-metre high wine bottle made out of corks.

Developed by Adelaide-based agency Fnuky, the campaign is part of the 35 year celebration of its flagship blend, Church Block.  

The giant installation is being built in Melbourne’s Southbank Promenade and is aiming to attract people visiting the state for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and L’Oreal Fashion Week.

There is also a competition to guess how many corks have been used to build the structure.

Prior to its construction, Wirra Wirra enlisted the help of the Girl Guides to launch a national call for Australians to donate their old corks to help create 10-metre high bottle.

Travelling in four separate parts, overnight from Adelaide to Melbourne, the construction of the bottle began on Sunday night.

The unveiling of the completed structure will occur tomorrow night, in an event hosted by comedian Peter Rowsthorn, who has starred in shows including Kath & Kim and The Comedy Company.


  1. version
    16 Mar 10
    2:37 pm

  2. I like it as an attention-grabbing piece of ambient, but I’m not quite sure what message to take from it.

  3. PM
    16 Mar 10
    2:44 pm

  4. So, is Wirra Wirra still using corks?
    I hope so, or this makes no sense at all.

  5. Ella
    16 Mar 10
    3:22 pm

  6. Yes, you can hope they use cork!
    If anyone wants to read a great newsletter, subscribe to Wirra Wirra’s. It’s always highly entertaining and their articles are great examples of superb storytelling, giving wine lovers – and anyone who encounters their brand – the opportunity to engage with them – the winemaking process, the designing of their labels, their team.

  7. Andrew
    16 Mar 10
    5:44 pm

  8. WW started phasing out corks ten years ago and we were wondering “where have all the corks gone?” People used to hoard them for the never completed cork board etc. A bit of Googling discovered some bizarre examples of cork art which got us thinking…We decided to create our own massive Work of Art – WW has a history of doing unusual things that don’t always fit the stereotype… So we put a call out for old corks and discovered that the Girl Guides collect and recycle them to raise funds, but this revenue has been hit by all the screwcaps. So what started as a quest to build something BIG, evolved into a bit of a cause-related awareness exercise for the GGs who by chance are enjoying The Year of the Girl Guide in 2010! Now we get to build our baby which is not a statement about corks, but a recognition of leaving them behind, the chance to create something interesting and to remind everyone that amid a lot of the gloom that surrounds our industry today, WW hasn’t lost site of our philosophy that “this should all be fun”.