You don’t have to be drunk to be on Ten’s Breakfast. But it helps

breakfast black caviarNow if most TV shows accidentally aired a broadcast in which the interviewee was clearly slaughtered, people might be talking about it.

But with the ratings-allergic Breakfast on Ten, that duty falls to Dr Mumbo who happened to be watching this morning when the very merry man stumbled into their London studio to talk about Black Caviar.

black caviar breakfastDuring the course of the interview, Black Caviar’s barrier attendant Glen Darrington told Andrew Rochford that he had spent a nice day at the races, where happily it was Ladies Day. By the time he was on the air, it was well after 11pm in London.

Those looking online on Ten’s catch-up video service may notice there’s a gaping hole for what went out at 8.20 this morning.

When Dr Mumbo asked Ten’s press office for a copy of the video he was sternly told: “We won’t be sending it externally.”

Here’s why:

As co-host Kathryn Robinson asked afterwards: “How did he get on the show?”

How indeed.

Or as Paul Henry confided: “Can you hold your liquor or not? Because we’ve been drinking heavily.”

Still, Sportsbet must be very proud of their brand ambassador. And Karl Stefanovic no longer holds the crown for the drunkest man to have ever been on TV at breakfast time.


  1. Anonymous
    22 Jun 12
    2:08 pm

  2. “Good morning. Who are you?”

    I’ve often thought that when I switch on Breakfast.

  3. Tim Bennett
    22 Jun 12
    2:17 pm

  4. So those pings at 2:50 sound like something used to get the studio crew ready to come back live. Are they an indication that the source of this video was inside Ten?

  5. Cameron
    22 Jun 12
    2:30 pm

  6. Who are you? That’s GOLD.

  7. haitch
    22 Jun 12
    2:47 pm

  8. Probably an improvement on the usual Ten Breakfast fare, to be honest.

  9. Trevor Trevorsen
    22 Jun 12
    3:26 pm

  10. Early favourite for Australian of The Year.

  11. DD
    22 Jun 12
    3:58 pm

  12. Nice one, I think he carried himself well, all things considered. Champion! And yeah, Who are you is gold.

  13. Anon E. Mouse
    25 Jun 12
    2:03 pm

  14. Owww … that hurts.

    No, not that Glen Darrington was hardly the most cogent guest, but that compared to the on-air presenters he

  15. Anon E. Mouse
    25 Jun 12
    2:03 pm

  16. … looked ….

  17. Anon E. Mouse
    25 Jun 12
    2:04 pm

  18. … positively loquacious!