Darcy-Smith: Script assessing should be more like market research

Australia’s film funding agencies should have more individuals read a script before making decisions, debut feature maker Kieran Darcy-Smith has suggested.

Darcy-Smith, writer and director of forthcoming drama Wish You Were Here, told Encore that although they did “pretty well”, he believed too few people at the funding bodies made the decisions. He said: “If a feature script goes into an agency it might land on one or two desks and it might move forward.”

“I know I’m sounding naive [but] if you could get the script in front of ten people then you’ve get a better feeling about how the community will respond. It’s like market research.

“I think it’s about getting those scripts to the widest variety of assessors, and then ask, did it move a lot of people?”

Wish You Were Here’s funding has come from agencies including Screen Australia and workshop assistance from Screen NSW.

Darcy-Smith urged a collaborative approach similar that taken by the Blue Tongue Film collective of which he is a member along with Animal Kingdom director David Michod, and Nash and Joel Edgerton.

“All the stuff we’ve put together over the years, we’ve all been involved with, even if it’s just casting an eye over a script or offering your two bob on cast and key creatives.

“We all care deeply – anything we touch, we want to be great with six talented people pooling their ideas and  bad ideas getting nipped in the bud quickly.”

Wish You Were Here is scheduled for release through Hopscotch next year.

Darcty-Smith is also curating the Homebake Cinema Pavilion on Saturday December 3 at Sydney’s Domain. It features short films from Michod, Aden Young, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Warwick Thornton, Ben Briand, Gregor Jordan, and Glendyn Ivin.



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