Facebook not a social network but a video platform says agency sales boss



Facebook is telling brands and advertising agencies it is now a video platform as the social network seeks to highlight its premium video ad option to brands.

Speaking to Mumbrella, Facebook Australia head of agency sales Ellie Rogers said: “People ask us are you a social network? Are you a mobile platform? What we’re saying now is because of the rise of video we’re actually a video platform which is perhaps quite an unexpected way to start presentations with clients and agencies.

“When we talk them through the story and they think about their experience on the network they very quickly realise this is an incredible place to showcase your video at scale but to also have that personalised side and use the hyper-targeting we have within the Facebook world.

“It’s the rise and rise of mobile,” she added.

The focus on its video assets comes as the platform highlights its 2014 video numbers with Facebook saying more than 50 per cent of Australian Facebook users who access the site daily watch at least one video per day, as globally the number of video posts per person increased by 75 per cent.

Facebook autoplaySince June 2014, Facebook globally has averaged more than 1 billion video views every day.

Rogers said mobile is driving video consumption, and has grown by 532 per cent cross platform in just two years according to an eMarketer syudy. It is estimated to increase 14-fold between 2013 and 2018 according to Cisco Systems.

According to Nielsen, one in three of all mobile minutes are spent on Facebook.

“People don’t read their newsfeed, they watch it,” Rogers said.

Rogers highlighted Qantas’ ‘Feels Like Home‘ campaign, which launched in November last year and was hosted on the brand’s Facebook page.

“For them it sat very naturally and creatively it had a lots of synergy sitting in an emotional newsfeed surrounded by family and friends,” said Rogers.

“The reach was really high, it reached 5.8m, it had 1.8m video views and 85 per cent of all of those views were actually on a mobile device.”

But to get this type of reach Facebook says there are some different rules advertisers need to play by.

“And the rules that we see as first and foremost – developing content that is going to resonate and be fan friendly, it’s going to make people stop, scroll and watch,” said Rogers.

“For us it’s a bit like an upside down joke. We need to make sure you get that punch line out very quick so you grab the users attention and they feel compelled to watch the video. That is our first creative principle.”

Rogers said secondly the video needs to be visually compelling and needs to make sense without audio due to many users having their volume turned down.

“The third question we get asked is it ok if we use our TV ad? And actually our launch partner McDonald’s, it was a TV ad and it was a really good one. If it’s awesome content it works well in news feeds,” Rogers said.

Miranda Ward



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