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Greg Hywood’s five year Fairfax anniversary in numbers


Hywood: 11.2 million happy returns

A significant anniversary has arrived.

Greg Hywood has been at the helm of Fairfax Media for exactly five years this month.

Dr Mumbo has a few numbers to share, without further comment.

The value of Fairfax Media shares on the ASX:

  • When Hywood took the helm in February 2011: $1.38
  • Now:  79.5c

The current value of $1,000 invested in Fairfax shares on the day Hywood joined:

  • $576
FXJ five year chart vs ASX 200

FXJ five year share price (blue) against the ASX 200 (red) | Source: Google Finance

  • The company’s annual turnover in 2011: $2.5bn
  • The company’s annual turnover last year: $1.9bn.

Fairfax’s net profit after tax over the last five years:

  • 2011 – Loss of $389,667
  • 2012 – Loss of $2,784,785
  • 2013 – Loss of $312,852
  • 2014 – Profit of $225,168
  • 2015 – Profit of $87,205

Number of print copies circulated of the Sydney Morning Herald:

  • At the start of 2011 – 209,644
  • At the start of 2016 – 104,155

Hywood’s total salary and benefits (not including the current financial year) since taking charge:

  • $11.22m

Dr Mumbo wishes Greg a thoroughly happy five year anniversary.



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