Mullen Lowe Profero moves big in digital with launch of Omnichannel

Mullen's Wayne Arnold and Dave Bentley launching new business in Australia

Wayne Arnold and Dave Bentley: behind Mullen Lowe Profero’s Omnichannel launch in Australia

Global agency network Mullen Lowe Profero is launching its Profero Omnichannel brand in the Asia Pacific region as it tracks changing consumer behaviour.

The launch of the brand in Australia comes as the company works to move its clients into a more seamless relationship with customers across a range of channels.

Mullen Lowe Profero global CEO, Wayne Arnold, said there remained a disconnect for many brands between their physical and digital operations.

“Progressive brands that have omnichannel platforms in place are already winning customers over and dominating the competition,” Arnold said.

“Yet for most businesses, their physical and digital environments are still not connected. Research shows consumers are hungry for a more integrated brand experiences and while retail is the obvious choice, we also anticipate demand for omnichannel platforms in other built environments, such as airports, entertainment spaces and office buildings.”

The agency has previously worked on a range of omnichannel projects including  ecommerce, indoor navigation, kiosks, mobile app development and next generation marketing platforms which have also utilised technology such as beacons, GPS and facial recognition.

Arnold said the rise of omnichannel was “the tip of the iceberg of the next big wave of digital transformation and work that the industry is going to see”.

“Everyone is talking about omnichannel, it’s a bit like big data. It is one of these wonderfully, wonderfully overused words.”

He said that consumers were breaking the model that marketers had grown used to and there was now a dynamic shift happening in the market.

“What is critical for us is understanding the role of the web and the role of retail stores and the role of mobile can change depending on the consumer and depending on the scenario and depending on the stage of the consumer lifestyle,” he said.

“As an agency what we are talking about is understanding that before we get into a customer journey and mapping an omnichannel customer experience against that.”

Dave Bentley, managing director of Australia, said automation was another element that was going to play an important role in the way brands approached omnichannel communications.

“It’s how do you create a really smart, personalised experience across the whole of it, how to facilitate marketing automation across all of those different touch-points and and also how to use new technology,” Bentley said.



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