Brynne: My Bedazzled slumps for Seven

Brynne: My bedazzled life: ratings down to 809,000

The second episode of Seven’s new reality show Brynne: My Bedazzled suffered a big drop in ratings last night – down more than 100,000 viewers on its debut last week.

The fly-on-the-wall show rated with 809,000 – down from 930,000 on its first outing, according to Oztam preliminary ratings.

The show was well beaten in its 7.30pm time slot by Big Brother on Nine, which was the highest rating non-news show of the night, with 932,000. But it bettered Ten’s Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals, which brought in 618,000.

There was more joy for Seven reality show Beauty and the Geek, which topped the 18-49  and 16-39 demographics ahead of Big Brother – despite only ranking eighth for total viewers and averaging 852,000.

Big Brother topped the 25-54 demo.

Seven’s Sunrise was back on top of the morning time slot after yesterday’s win for Nine’s Today. Sunrise pulled in 366,000 while Today rated with 351,000.

The night was won by Nine News with 1.114m, followed by Seven News, with 1.024m.

Thursday’s top shows:

1. Nine News Nine 1.114m
2. Seven News Seven 1.024m
3. A Current Affair Nine 1.014m
4. ABC News ABC 0.977m
5. Big Brother Nine 0.932m
6. Today Tonight Seven 0.874m
7. Home and Away Seven 0.857m
8. Beauty and the Geek Seven 0.852m
9. Big Brother – Confidential Nine 0.839m
10. Brynne: My Bedazzled Life Seven 0.809m
11. Rake ABC 0.802m
12. 7:30 ABC 0.775m
13. Catalyst ABC 0.761m
14. How I Met Your Mother Seven 0.632m
15. Ten News Ten 0.623m

Thursday’s channel share:

  1. Nine: 19.4%
  2. Seven: 18.3%
  3. ABC1: 13.3%
  4. Ten: 13.2%
  5. 7TWO 5.8%
  6. GO!: 5.3%
  7. SBS1: 5.0%
  8. Eleven: 4.3%
  9. 7mate: 3.7%
  10. Gem: 3.1%
  11. One: 3.1%
  12. ABC2: 2.8%
  13. ABC3: 1.0%
  14. ABC News 24: 1.0%
  15. SBS2: 0.5%


  1. Encyclic!
    12 Oct 12
    11:48 am

  2. Called it last week.

    If only I could do this with lotto.

  3. Ann
    12 Oct 12
    10:26 pm

  4. What did Channel expect. Who with any intelligence wants to sit down and watch a blonde bimbo that often looks like she;s in drag, with a grating voice. I suppose you could class it as comedy but there is certainly more entaining things to do. LIke watch paint dry.

  5. CC
    16 Oct 12
    10:15 pm

  6. As long as theres 800000 morons still watching it then unfortunately it will stay on.
    Pity interesting docos that appear on ABC and SBS dont rate like that..

  7. Niki
    29 Oct 12
    10:43 pm

  8. I’m ashamed to share a country with .8 million people who watch this kind of television.