CommBank begins its Olympic marketing drive

Olympian hopeful James Magnussen has been signed as an ambassador for Commonwealth Bank as the organisation begins to gear up for its broadcast sponsorship of the London Olympics.

james magnussen commbank

The sponsorship also comes shortly after CommBank launched its new “Can” positioning.

The swimmer will join hockey star Jodie Schulz and javelin thrower Kim Mickle and feature in a series of television commercials, due to air from June 17 until the end of the Olympic Games.

CommBank chief marketing officer Andy Lark said in a press release: “James, Jodie and Kim share a powerful belief in CAN like every one of our employees and customers.”

Lark will this morning appear in a keynote interview at to open the second day of the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney. Later today, gold medal winning swimmer Duncan Armstrong will also appear at Mumbrella360, discussing sponsorship and the Olympics.


  1. Pete
    7 Jun 12
    7:51 am

  2. Is it just me, or does the “N” character have more than just a passing semblance to Andy Lark’s predecessor, Mark Buckman?

  3. NK
    7 Jun 12
    9:22 am

  4. Is it just me or are the bloke in the middle’s feet extraordinarily long? It looks like he’s wearing little black canoes.

  5. Nathan
    7 Jun 12
    9:48 am

  6. Why aren’t those letter costumes set in Aachen, like the rest of the campaign?

  7. Dumbledore
    7 Jun 12
    11:01 am

  8. First he gives us Start…
    Next comes Can….

    Now we have a couple of giant letters, sandwich board style. I’m convinced Lark is some sort of marketing wizard.

    What’s your next trick Andy:

    The options are endless. Magic I tells ya.

    7 Jun 12
    12:54 pm

  10. Does this mean then CAN get us tickets to the Olympics? P.S They still CAN’T give me a better deal on my home loan….

  11. lars ulrich
    7 Jun 12
    3:16 pm

  12. “James, Jodie and Kim share a powerful belief in CAN like every one of our employees and customers.”

    sure they do. it has nothing to do with the thousands of dollars you’re giving them.

  13. Peter Rush
    7 Jun 12
    6:49 pm

  14. I’m thinking ,which letter would I rather be? I know that life just isn’t always fair, but, it doesn’t seem right that the N guy doesn’t get a cut-out head hole, providing him with a less engaging experience. And the A is very slimming whilst the C, on the other hand is most unflattering on its wearer’s waist. And there’s implications of being seen as a big C in public which would discourage me from wearing the C. Ditto big A. Although if you wanted to take a leak the C guy is clearly at an advantage. Mind you, if you had to run to the toilet, the A guy is the only one with the leg room to run at any speed. And looking closely I see a little UFO above his head so running away might be a real option for him. If you were the N guy you could cause annoyance and confusion by turning it on its side to form a Z. Then people wouldn’t get it and the CommBank would go bust pretty smartly I should think. The N would be the heaviest to hold up and with more surface area, if there was a fire, it would burn longer. But at least he could lean right back whilst remaining in character and not get his face burnt like the other two with the head holes. And if that balcony collapsed and they all fell back into the deep end of that pool, greater volume means greater floatation. The N could float until the CommBank Rescue Helicopter arrived. If there was an earthquake and the ground opened up, I could see the A guy stand more elegantly astride the ravine with his legs dangling. If a crazed gunman shot at you, and assuming the styrene is bullet- resistant, C guy is dead as. N guy has a real chance. I wonder when these guys jumped from the bridge afterwards – because they obviously wouldn’t have wanted to live after such ritual ,experiential humiliation- which one hit the bottom first. I reckon A. A’s the one to be. Anyone got any freelance work need doing?

  15. Ann
    7 Jun 12
    9:24 pm

  16. I get the feeling that this Olympics will be a ratings flop for some reason

  17. Cody C
    8 Jun 12
    1:28 pm

  18. Now that James Magnussen is on board I suddenly love the Can campaign. He CAN do me.

  19. Peter Pedant
    8 Jun 12
    2:59 pm

  20. CAN pass on RBA rate increases quickly (and in full).

    CAN’T pass on RBA rate decreases quickly (and in full).

    Actions speak louder than words.

    I notice that the ANZ has passed on all 25 basis points – over to you CBA. Put your money where your mouth is.