Deadbeat Dads wins Optus One80 Project

A trailer for a one-hour drama has won the One80 Project for 2012.

Deadbeat Dads, directed by Ben Mathews, co-written and co-produced by Kent Pearson and Shelley McLaren, swept the competition, winning all three major awards; Judges’ Choice, the Public Vote and Best Student Entry last night at Moonlight Cinema.

The competition, sponsored by Optus and MTV, now in its sixth year, invites entrants to submit a three-minute trailer with the winning film receiving $180,000 worth of production budget to produce a one-hour version of the story.

The festival also held the world premiere of the extended version of last year’s winner Sick, written and directed by brothers Connor and Christiaan Van Vuuren. Christiaan is also the Fully Sick Rapper and one half of The Bondi Hipsters.

Sick is based on Christiaan’s experience in hospital for six and a half months of quarantine with multi-drug resistant TB and the way he uses the internet to interact with the outside world.

Sick will premiere on MTV on Sunday 15 April at 9.30pm.

SICK! – Official Trailer (2012) – Coming Soon to MTV from Van Vuuren Bros on Vimeo.

The night was hosted by Fitzy & Wippa. The Judging panel included actors David Wenham, Lincoln Lewis and 2010 winner Maia Horniak.

Director: Ben Mathews
Co-Writers/Co-Producers: Kent Pearson & Shelley McLaren
Director of Photography: Josh Flavell
Production Designer: Kavi Jarrott
Editor: Anil Griffin
Sound Design: Damian Del Borrello
Music: Chad Gock
Art Department: Jess Meyer
Sound Recordist: Kent Pearson
Second Camera Operators: Damian Smith, Emma Paine, Nicky Bartos
Camera Assistant: Nicky Bartos

Principal cast
Kev: Alan Dukes
Big Dave: Rob Flannigan
Simo: Andrew Steele
Liv: Taylor Ferguson
Little Dave: Jake Carr
Rosie: Sasha Komkha


  1. Joe
    19 Mar 12
    1:21 pm

  2. Brillant – though I’d like to see the story evolve over a longer time frame than an hour. Someone give these guys a series !

  3. Anonymous
    19 Mar 12
    1:46 pm

  4. Good premise. Hope the character dev is as good as the trailer. I’ll watch it. Well done!

  5. Pedro
    19 Mar 12
    1:47 pm

  6. Good premise. I hope the character dev is as good as the trailer. I’ll watch. Well done to the creators.

  7. tim
    19 Mar 12
    2:28 pm

  8. This looks great and I think would make a great series – a bit like The Slap

  9. anon
    19 Mar 12
    3:59 pm

  10. Very, very good. Characters look strong and convincing.

  11. Nat
    19 Mar 12
    6:03 pm

  12. WOW – very good. Brilliant. I too want it to be longer than a 1 hour one off! SBS? ABC? Anyone want it? Maybe Ten could take it – no doubt it would do well.

  13. mumbrella
    19 Mar 12
    8:10 pm

  14. My apologies for being so late to this.

    Congratulations to the team behind Deadbeat Dads – it’s great. And congratulations to the jury of One80 – you’ve uncovered some real talent once again.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  15. Connor van Vuuren
    19 Mar 12
    9:12 pm

  16. I also wrote and directed SICK. This is the second article in which you’ve failed to acknowledge me. Being the oft-overlooked younger brother, this rankles my cankles. Please sort your shit out.

  17. Colin Delaney
    20 Mar 12
    9:05 am

  18. Connor,
    From one oft-overlooked younger brother to another, I have amended the story and offer my apologies. The last thing I want to do is rankle cankles.


    Colin – Mumbrella

  19. Connor van Vuuren
    21 Mar 12
    8:57 am

  20. Great! Thankyou. Sorry for being a dick about it.

    Little brothers FTW!