Holden launches ad for electric car Volt, ‘We’re not just about big cars’

Holden has released a TV ad for Volt, its new long-range electric car, that challenges the idea that the General Motors-owned brand is “just about large cars”.

The ad sees Holden move away from the ‘Go better’ positioning it launched in 2008.

Jeffrey Darling directed the spot, which was created by AJF Partnership.

Holden marketing director Simon Carr said the ad came off the back of consumer research that found that car buyers were not aware of the changes Holden has been making to its product portfolio.

“We saw that despite revitalising our portfolio over the past 18 months, some car buyers weren’t aware of the change we’d been making to our line up,” he said. “Holden Volt really signifies that change. It offers exciting new technology that buyers may not associate with the Holden brand and what better way to show how Holden is changing than bringing to market a game-changer like the Volt?

He added: “We’re not just about large cars and as a brand we’ve got some work to do with the next generation of car buyers to get into their consideration set.”

The ad broke around The Block Finale, New Girl and Downton Abbey.


  1. jean cave
    3 Jul 12
    7:12 pm

  2. About 25 years too late mate

  3. Jerry
    9 Jul 12
    4:46 pm

  4. @ Jean – Too late? Are you kidding? If you had the technology and great ideas then why didn’t you create your own range of long range electric cars? Oh thats because your just a cyber critic!! Got it…

    They are innovating and marketing a whole new range and you just sit there was a smug grin and say “pshht could have done it earlier” … maybe you should go and find a cure for cancer while your at it? Man cyber critics get up my nose

  5. Wild Oscar
    12 Jul 12
    3:59 pm

  6. Australia. Celebrating 30 years of electricity.