Simon Canning joins Julian Lee and Tim Addington in moving on from marketing beat

The Australian’s Simon Canning has become the third veteran of Australia’s small community of media and marketing writers to depart in recent days.

Canning, who spent nine years writing about advertising and marketing for The Australian’s Media section, and eight years before that editing AdBrief, has accepted redundancy. Mumbrella understands that he leaves The Australian on good terms. The Australian’s media section is also about to get a new editor with Nick Tabakoff due to return to replace Stephen Brook who moves into a writing role.

Today also marks Tim Addington’s last day as editor of B&T magazine after nearly four years at the helm. He will head up communications for creative agency The Works.

And media and marketing writer Julian Lee took redundancy from the Sydney Morning Herald a week ago.


  1. Farewell matey
    7 Sep 12
    1:48 pm

  2. Good on Canning. Great bloke. Will be missed by all.

  3. Freedom
    7 Sep 12
    1:52 pm

  4. Simon. Good luck mate….at least you can call your own shots now and not be told what to write and about whom !

  5. Hear hear!
    7 Sep 12
    2:00 pm

  6. A legend. Good luck Canning!

  7. Matt
    7 Sep 12
    2:19 pm

  8. That is sad, both Canning and Lee are good guys. i once saw Canning thump old Adnews editor Dave Clutterbuck at the Commodore Hotel. Classic.

  9. Monty
    7 Sep 12
    2:29 pm

  10. Looks like it’s your shout Simon. Finally.

  11. Sally Jackson
    8 Sep 12
    6:27 am

  12. We’ll miss him. Place won’t be the same.

  13. The worker
    9 Sep 12
    6:17 pm

  14. Maybe publishers are waking up to the fact that our little ‘ol’ industry does not need anywhere near the coverage heaped on it over the last few years.
    Three dailies covering us.four blogs including this one.four trades.folks we’re just not that interesting.
    Even less interesting are the people writing a bout us.

  15. Simon Canning
    11 Sep 12
    9:58 am

  16. Thanks so much for the kind remarks everyone.
    Oh, and The Worker, your post suggests that somehow the decision to leave was not mine. Just to be clear, I felt it was time for a change and have decided to move on.
    Of course The Oz will continue to cover the industry just as it always has. And the metrics suggest it is coverage that is both welcomed and valued both inside and outside the ad industry.