Vodafone and KFC distance themselves from Joel Madden over drug find

KFC Madden BrosBoth Vodafone and KFC have moved to put distance between themselves and The Voice judge Joel Madden after he was allegedly found with 5g of cannabis in his hotel room.

While Madden has not faced any charges, he was asked to leave The Star casino on Sunday night, where he has been staying for the last two months while filming The Voice for Nine.

Recent months have seen both KFC and Vodafone seek to capitalise on the Good Charlotte singer’s high profile with promotional campaigns centring around him. today they both emphasised that they had no plans to work with Madden in the future.

“There was no commercial agreement with Joel Madden. It was a one-off campaign that ran during the cricket. It’s long done now,” said KFC.

Madden, who it embarrassingly emerged had been a supporter of animal rights group PETA, partnered with the fast food chain for the “Good Times” campaign.

He was also involved in a Vodafone campaign, which saw the brothers host a house party in Sydney.

A Vodafone spokeswoman said in a statement to Mumbrella: “We have no current plans in place for Joel Madden appearances and are focusing on the Voice final next Monday.”

Madden’s co-star Seal, unleashed a tirade against the Australian media this morning on Twitter, saying Madden was being “gunned down” and fearing he would be next.

“Keep it up… sure we’ll be back next year. And yes, I say we, because it’s just a matter of time before you gun us all down,” Seal said in one Tweet.

He also posted: “I for one will not stand by and watch you attempt to destroy my Brother, you gun one you gun us all!”

He also attacked the hotel, tweeting: “you ask him to meet n greet a cancer victim in your hotel then send police to his room?? Nice… very classy… keep it up Judas. I’m done here.”

The tweets have since been deleted from the singer’s account and he has apologised, saying he was missing his children when he said “I can’t wait to go home.”

“I want to apologise for my rant earlier. Joel is one of my best friends and I was really hurting for him.

“I want to say I have loved being in Australia, I’ve loved working on The Voice and with an incredibly talented group of Australian artists.”


  1. Get Real
    12 Jun 13
    6:28 pm

  2. Haha…. the irony. The ONLY time that KFC is a viable food option is after a joint.

  3. Sebastian
    12 Jun 13
    6:32 pm

  4. KFC? Really?

    Ok, Vofafone I get, but that’s kind of hypocritical coming from Col. Sanders (retired), because there’s no way he’d turn his nose up at the sought after stoner dollar (AKA’d as the Greenback).

  5. Corma
    12 Jun 13
    7:15 pm

  6. LOL …. Vodafone ran the promotion that was Joel’s “house warming” ….. no wonder everyone looked happy!

  7. Lucio
    12 Jun 13
    8:51 pm

  8. Massive surprise – not.

  9. Hypocrites
    12 Jun 13
    10:11 pm

  10. So Voda and KFC use his “hip” youth appeal but then freak out when he smokes a bit of pot? Serves them right for lazy marketing.

    And can someone tell Seal he’s washed up and should piss off back to where he came from if he doesn’t want to be here.

  11. Anonymous
    12 Jun 13
    10:57 pm

  12. The folks at Vodafone and kfc would surely welcome this.

    no one who responded well to him as a front man for these brands would give two shits that he had weed in his hotel room, they’d like him more for it.

    So their boy just got loads of publicity and looks less soft than he appears on the tv. Result!

    Seals just trying to get his bite of the pie too.

    if I had a silver tin foil hat I’d say it was a huge orchestrated set up

  13. tanya alldridge
    13 Jun 13
    9:19 am

  14. I personally don’t care if anyone has a bit of pot and most people wouldn’t. This world has gone crazy. Give people a break. I’ve tried it didn’t like it but at the end of the day whatever gets you through this crazy life. I think there’s more to be concerned about. Joel seems like a great bloke. Once again it’s the tall poppy syndrome. Australians are great at Knocking people that are talented.Joel obviously loves this country and is doing more for it than the people that are trying to bring him down.

  15. Groucho
    13 Jun 13
    9:38 am

  16. So they have a no BYO policy then?

  17. Daniel
    13 Jun 13
    9:47 am

  18. This is great news for KFC. More publicity for their star and huge support from Australian public who see nothing wrong with smoking pot. In fact, many of KFC’s customers would be post smokers anyway. It also gives Joel a more cooler cred with the young ones who primarily eat KFC anyway. Well done!

  19. nick williams
    13 Jun 13
    10:30 am

  20. shock horror…rock star found with small amount of pot.

    advertising and media industry recoil


  21. mumbrella
    13 Jun 13
    10:33 am

  22. Hi Nick,

    While I tend to take that view too, it’s worth recognising that not all of middle Australia – the heartland of those brands – does.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  23. Roy
    13 Jun 13
    10:59 am

  24. That’s the inherent danger of celebrity endorsement for ya. Now where’s my spliff?

  25. Steady Eddy
    13 Jun 13
    11:13 am

  26. I am more surprised at The Star… aren’t they trying to attract celebrities and high rollers who expect/demand absolute DISCRETION from the hotel they are staying in?

    The Sebel Townhouse understood this in it’s heyday and was quite the international A-List hangout as a result

    Without getting into the moral & legal aspects of this story, surely another fail for The Star brand

  27. RR
    13 Jun 13
    1:21 pm

  28. Um, have they not seen the Ninemsn Madden drug scandal article surrounded by KFC banner ads?

  29. Just sayin...
    13 Jun 13
    1:33 pm

  30. Looks like we’ve identified one of KFC’s secret herbs and spices….

  31. nick williams
    13 Jun 13
    2:00 pm

  32. very true Eddy.

    Tim, if you’re right, it’s depressing. But I would hope that outside of some shock jocks and the Fred Nile types, most people really aren’t going to boycott KFC over a rocker getting stoned.

    I mean, it would be different if he’d gone full ‘Charlie Sheen’.

  33. My experience
    13 Jun 13
    2:22 pm

  34. The weed was probably left in his hotel room by a funky, cool, trendy agency bod……… 😮

  35. Julie platt
    17 Jun 13
    8:07 pm

  36. I have for two years watched Joel Madden on the Voice . I think he is an awesome, honest and heartfelt musician, and person. What a great assett he is here for us in Australia. Sincerely i wish he would like to come back here for another season. He is human…and realy should not be condemned for what he chooses to do, as a recreational choice for him. Really why the hell make such a fuss and attack him with thevmedia. His business is his. What he does is his business .Nor do i think it should have been made so. Public.. Shame on Australian media….Joel, you are a great guy. :-)