Adam Hills: Your paymasters Jongleurs are scummy spammers

So tonight I received an odd comment on our item about MADC’s promotion of its awards using party boy Corey Worthington – it’s spam and a supposedly reputable organisation called Jongleurs seems to be behind it.  

I’ve left it up there. It says:

“That sound like a great night out. You sound like my friend, she has no idea how to advertise either, but she sure knows how to organise parties! Last christmas she organised the best party I’ve ever been to. It was meant to be for an office christmas party; but it was so relaxed it felt like my best friends were there. She did it for free though, as a little treat for all of her work buddies.”

It’s rambling and misses the point, so at first I just assumed it had been left by a deranged Kyle & Jackie O fan who’d stumbled upon Mumbrella through our coverage of the rape victim-tormenting duo.

Jongleurs - spamming the world

Jongleurs - spamming the world

But then I noticed that “Mary” had provided a link. I’ve removed that (you’ll understand why in a moment), but it goes to the corporate website of the British comedy behemoth Jongleurs. The final part of the address is: jongleursevents.com/content/christmas-parties.

If you’ve ever watched stand-up comedy in the UK, then you’ve probably been to a Jongleurs venue, or at the very least seen comedians managed by them. Jongleurs don’t have venues in Australia yet though. You’d assume they’d care about having a reputation for treating the public with respect.

But what appears to be going on is that some bright spark at Jongleurs has decided that a great way of getting some SEO going around their Christmas party packages is to find blogs that include the keyword “party”, then spam them, regardless of whether they’re in Australia.

Now of course, that’s just a hypothesis. It could have been put up by anyone. After all, what would Jongleurs want with Australia? And what responsible brands would be involved in putting up messages that affected people’s ability to enjoy perusing a website. Jongleurs is all about entertainment, right?

Jongleurs IP address

Jongleurs IP address

So let me share this with you. It’s the IP address of the person who posted the spammy message. Here you go:

And guess who it’s registered to? Jongleurs Comedy Ltd.

Now that’s where I start to feel a bit more impotent. Jongleurs is in the UK. I’m in Sydney, Australia.

But as I say, Jongleurs do have a management arm. And among the people whose British interests Jongleurs represent is the excellent Australian comedian Adam Hills. You can see a profile of Hills on the Jongleurs website. (I did put a link in there, but then I remembered that they’re black hat SEO scumbags, so I took it off again).

I’ve seen Adam Hills host Late & Live in Edinburgh several times and he was always excellent. As you’ll know, he also ably hosts Spicks & Specks on the ABC here in Australia.

So my one small gesture against spammy corporations like Jongleurs is this. Through my job I’ve tended to organise events. In the last three years, I’ve been involved in hiring people for awards bashes in Australia including James O’Loghlin, The Chaser and Wil Anderson. And funnily enough, we tried to get Adam Hills, and would have paid well if he’d been available on the relevant date. Until now, he was my number one choice for a future gig.

As it happens, I will be involved in other events here in Australia using comedians as comperes. But as far as I’m cencerned, Hills is blacklisted for as long as he’s represented by Jongleurs anywhere in the world, not just Australia. The same goes for anyone else we might consider using.

I take it personally if an artist’s management spams my website.

The chances are, this will achieve precisely nothing. Adam Hills is quite rich enough already, I’m sure. But it makes me feel a bit better. And if ever Jongleurs wants to extend its activities to Australia  and anybody Googles the words “Jongleurs” and “Australia” then hopefully this item will do well in the SEO and the public will know how little respect Jongleurs has for Australian consumers.

Of course, should you ever be writing an item on your own site about the increasing sophistication of blog spam, if you were to link to this piece using Jongleurs in the anchor text, then it would only go higher in ther SEO rankings.

You know, I’m just sayin’.

Tim Burrowes


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