Dr Mumbo

Always on…. and the Derek Zoolander school for journos who think there are ten months in a year

Not that The Daily Telegraph is excited about the Optus 4G rollout or anything, but it does report the news today in separate stories on pages 3, 24 and 25.

Meanwhile, The Tele’s blue steel reporter Phil Jacob may have made the cut for Cleo Bachelor of the Year, but he can’t do maths good. News Limited’s own Derek Zoolander tells readers today:

“It was Budget night in Canberra in May 2012. As a group of fellow journalists gathered to drink away the fact we were, indeed, in Canberra, a dangerous idea was planted. “It’ll be fun,” they said. “You’ll have a blast,” they said.

“Fast forward nine months and while I might have (thankfully) forgotten most of the details of that night… clearly my ‘so-called friends’ didn’t.

“‘Hi Phil, I’m calling to let you know you’ve made the cut for Cleo Bachelor of the Year this year,’ a nice-sounding lady said a month ago.”



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