Encore iPad app – 909 and counting

july cover ipadI think we might be onto something.

Just over a fortnight ago, we made our sister title Encore magazine’s iPad edition free.

Based on the results so far, we’re cautiously optimistic that it’s working.   

Although I can’t stress enough that this is really early days.

oomph encore july

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Since then, we’ve had 909 downloads of the July edition.

That’s not a business model just yet, but it’s beginning to look like it might become one.

To drill slightly deeper, that’s 909 downloads and 768 unique downloads.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, and you have an iPad you can do so via this link to the App Store.

Working backwards, June had 258 downloads, May 212 and April 187. (As ever, this comes with the caveat that these are internal numbers provided from the Oomph platform’s analytics as a CAB audit is not yet available)

encore downloads


Clearly we had a big spike when we moved it to a free model. And our challenge will be to continue to drive people to download each new edition.

But at the very least, there are enough readers to make us feel there’s an audience worth chasing. So we will.

As I’ve already promised, I’ll keep you up to date on how we go.

Tim Burrowes



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