Is the Adelaide Now drunk man video bad news judgement or click addiction?

I’m not sure if this is a change of strategy to get clicks or a misjudgement, but a very odd “story” has been posted in the news section of Adelaide Now.  

A CCTV video popped up on YouTube about a week ago featuring somebody in the US affected either by drink or drugs chaotically trying to buy booze.

Admittedly it’s quite funny- particularly if you don;t think too hard about the misfortune of the person involved. You may even have had it forwarded to you – I have, a couple of times.

But two days ago News Digital Media’s Adelaide Now decided it was news. Or rather, they posted it in their news section under the headline “Drunkest man ever tries to buy booze” with the following copy:

“IT’S something many have done – headed to a bottle shop drunk to try to buy more booze. But our efforts were never caught on CCTV and posted on the internet. Unlike this poor bloke, whose Chaplinesque efforts at procuring some beer from a bottle shop were caught on film and promptly posted on the web with the tag: ‘Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer’ so millions of viewers could gawk and have a giggle. Enjoy!”

The reader comments tend to echo my confusion on why this is a) a story or b) relevant to Adelaide. Although by no means all of them are critical, those that are include:

  • “This is not news”
  • “Oh, yeah, that’s ketamine. No doubt about it whatsoever. Although don’t blame the journos. They’re worked like dogs and many of them are very young and lack the basic life experience to recognise this video is wholly inappropriate for a news site. Blame the profit motive and the staff cutbacks, the hiring of what are more or less kids to do an adult’s job, and the wholesale sacking of the people (sub-editors) who were previously employed to check facts (and spelling, ahem) and act as a last line of defence for overworked, tired journos.”
  • Adelaide News? Shame. This happened in the US and has been on Youtube for a few days. What does it have to do with Adelaide or even Australia?
  • “Pretty inappropriate for a domestic news service to consider this as being worthy of reporting. To finish with “Enjoy” only serves to underline the distasteful tone of the entire article. Best leaving the humiliation video hosting to college websites, AdelaideNow, they do little to assist the already ailing credibility issues of a supposed “news” service.
  • “This is absolute shit and not news worthy, It’s sad that news services are turning to internet funnies for stories. There are no factual details in this story. Get a clue Advertiser before you embarrass yourself on a much larger scale.”
  • “I can’t believe this is on AdelaideNow.”

Adelaide NowWhich suggests that at the very least, the video doesn’t tie in with Adelaide Now (and the Adelaide Advertiser’s) brand values as the readers woule perceive them.

But it’s also the first time I remember being forwarded a link to an Adelaide Now story. And guess what’s currently the site’s most read article? Are clicks worth it at any price?


Tim Burrowes


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