Hungry Jack’s Angry Whopper attracts heat-seeking missiles and is warming the planet

Hungry Jack’s has unveiled a new ad to push its new spicy burger, Angry Whopper.

The burger is so spicy it attracts heat-seeking missiles and is linked to global warming, the ad claims.

It was created by ad agency Clemenger BBDO Sydney and produced by Jungleboys.


  1. Ronald
    3 Jul 12
    2:18 pm

  2. Why do all these fast food chains keep going with an ‘eat’ tagline. This is just a slightly better version of the nandos campaign.

  3. Lisa
    4 Jul 12
    6:28 pm

  4. And this was featured in Mumbrella because……………………. of the fascinating industry insider information……….? No….Oh right, it was the epic vision and technical feats of the ad agency and production teams and nothing to do with blatant advertising of the product right.

  5. Dave the gay art director
    10 Jul 12
    4:41 pm

  6. Love it – very funny

    love the global warning bit as well as when he gives the burger to the woman before the heat seeking missile gets her