KFC chicken parmy is another way for mates to ‘Say it with chicken’

KFC has launched a new chicken parmigiana burger, backed with another ad in its campaign targeting male bonding.

The Chicken Parmy Stacker ad features men taking the opportunity to “say it with chicken” to a mate.

The ad – from Ogilvy Sydney – includes a groom at the altar with his head half shaved after a stag night prank.

More examples of how young men can emotionally connect over KFC feature two men watching a car being pulled out of a swimming pool, and one hands the other a chicken parmy stacker to say, “Forgive me, I didn’t mean to put it in reverse.” And one young man gives another the new burger as he stands on the lawn outside of his apartment to say, “Congratulations, on your new single status,” as his belongings are thrown off a balcony above. 

The campaign is built around the idea of mateship and also laid the foundations for an ongoing “mate of the month” social media competition beign run in association with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa show where people can submit videos dedicated to a special mate in their life to win a year’s supply of KFC chicken and a $1000 voucher for gift experience from Red Balloon.


  1. Draper
    16 Jul 13
    12:27 pm

  2. Great piece.

  3. LW
    16 Jul 13
    1:10 pm

  4. Typical sexist bullshit reinforcing the stereotypical heterosexual hegemony and reducing women to nothing more than visual wallpaper to be consumed and dismissed by males…
    Nah, just joking, loved it.

  5. what happened
    16 Jul 13
    3:33 pm

  6. Another ad that would only be funny to the creators.

    Distasteful. Tacky. Weak.

    Creative points = 0

    I’m really shocked this was produced by Ogilvy. What the heck??

    Obviously they were trying connect with the younger generation. I only find myself dry retching at the KFC burgers. In a hospital? In a Church? Far out. Failed miserably. I am the younger generation.


  7. Annabel
    16 Jul 13
    3:54 pm

  8. That is superb work – Cannes Golden Lion winning stuff IMO. Whoever did that is a true legend.

  9. Johnno
    16 Jul 13
    4:36 pm

  10. Made me laugh.