Kyle & Jackie O still Sydney’s top rating FM breakfast show

The importance of the suspended Kyle & Jackie O Show to Austereo has been underlined by the latest radio ratings published today.  

The pair’s breakfast show on Sydney station 2Day FM grew by 0.6 percentage points to a 12% listening share, retaining its number one FM show position, according to data released by Nielsen.

The pair are currently off air after a 14-year-old was quizzed about her sexual activities and revealed that she was a victim of rape.

The latest ratings period ran until August 1. And it was a good one for Austereo, which has the number one FM station in four markets out of five.

For Sydney, Kyle & Jackie O’s nearest rival breakfast show was Merrick & Rosso with Kate Richie, on 8.5%, which was up 0.4 percentage points.

In drivetime, 2Day FM also dominates in Sydney, with Hamish & Andy on 17.2% (up 0.6%) but Nova’s Ryan, Monty & Wippa show closed the gap slightly – up 1.2 percentage points to 8.7%.

Austereo’s 2Day FM has an average of 10.7% of the listening audience.

In Sydney talk radio, the ailing Alan Jones’ drawing power remains unabated on 2GB, even with his absences. 2GB’s breakfast slot drew an audience of 17.8%, up 0.2%.

In Melbourne, 3AW dominates AM with a steady 16.8% audience share, while Austereo’s Fox is still the biggest FM commercial station although its share fell slightly to 13.6%.

In Brisbane, Nova remains on top with 12.4%.

In Adelaide, Austereo’s SAFM is now the top FM station with a 1.8% growth to 14.3% share, overtaking Australian Radio Network’s Mix 102.3.

In Perth, Austereo’s Mix 94.5 is still on top with 15.8% share.


  1. Matt Granfield
    11 Aug 09
    1:43 pm

  2. Meh – the next ratings period will be more interesting. Good to see Triple J beating Triple M though!

  3. Bob
    11 Aug 09
    4:13 pm

  4. GOOD! Lets see Kyle and Jackie O back on air – but with a dump button. And congratulations to Hamish and Andy – very entertaining – much better than the rest of the dreary competition. My only surprise if Merrick and Ross (yawn) achieved 8.5%.

    But its all a matter of personal taste isnt it? My guess is the next ratings period will see Kyle and Jackie O STILL on top….. regardless of the naysayers!

  5. Louella
    11 Aug 09
    10:24 pm

  6. Not a shock that Kyle and Jackie O are number one, they are the best thing on radio (or atleast they were). Hope Steve Price and all working at the Daily Telegraph (if you can call that a real job) watched A Current Affair tonight… the only people that exploited that girl were these so called journalists that used this fiasco as an excuse to cut down those more successful than themselves. Bring back the Kyle and Jackie O show and put Kyle back on Idol!

  7. Ev
    12 Aug 09
    7:59 am

  8. Congratulations to 2GB’s Jason Morrison in breakfast (up 0.2%) who is filling in for Alan Jones in his absence.

  9. oi oi oink
    12 Aug 09
    10:27 am

  10. K & J are back?…and so another generation of bogan kids get boganer. The downward spiral continues.
    Yes Ev well done 2GB. Rivals Fox Radio in the USA, a biased commercial radio station that harbours racists and sell outs. Congratulations

  11. Jo Jo Novak
    23 Aug 09
    8:53 pm

  12. Kyle and Jackie O. Love Jackie O but Kyle is an absolute idiot.
    The topics he talks about are in the gutter and he focuses on negative issues not positive ones thus pulling down the general public’s opinion also. I dont like how he is always putting down Merrick and Rosso….