Qantas creates new role to drive online and social media strategy

Qantas is bolstering its digital expertise with the creation of a new role focused on social media and driving new online opportunities.  

The airline is currently recruiting for a senior online communications advisor, charged with developing and implementing digital communication strategies “to assist in internal and external engagement”.

The digital adviser will also provide advice to senior executives and the company’s various business units, while also reviewing existing communications tools.

A Qantas spokesman added that the new recruit will be in charge of overhauling its intranet to more effectively communicate to over 35,000 employees.

The company currently does not have a presence in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The creation of the new role comes as telco giant Telstra this year unveiled its internal ‘how to’ social media guide.

Meanwhile, Toyota is currently reviewing its internal processes related to “signing off any sort of information that goes into the public domain which includes the marketing department”, following the public backlash that ensued from the release of a Yaris video as part of a social media pitch.


  1. Trent Lloyd
    21 Dec 09
    1:42 pm

  2. I work for Adify so clearly have an interest in anything to do with online communities.

    The opportunities are far broader and more compelling than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to engaging and building online communities.

    Brands can find their customers on myriad ‘passion sites’ throughout the mid-tail and aggregate them in meaningful numbers. This creates a fantastic platform for relevant, targeted campaigns but also other communications with influential publishers, content feeds, surveys and much more.

  3. M Watkins
    21 Dec 09
    3:59 pm

  4. Trent, r u serious?

  5. DD
    21 Dec 09
    4:57 pm

  6. HAHA! That is brilliant. Made me laugh Trent.

  7. Long time listener, first time caller...
    21 Dec 09
    4:58 pm

  8. Cut and Paste?

    http://talkingdigital.wordpres.....-julian-co le/

    Say wha?

  9. Trent Lloyd
    21 Dec 09
    5:53 pm

  10. yes well done Long Time…does it matter, i.e. the ‘cut and paste’? Comment relevant to both posts. More than happy to discuss with you if you’re interested in understanding more so let me know.

    Oh and ‘DD’ same goes for you if not understanding makes it somehow humorous.

    M Watkins, that would be yes, 100%

  11. Ben shepherd
    21 Dec 09
    8:51 pm

  12. Didn’t you post pretty much the exact same thing on my blog Trent?

  13. Trent Lloyd
    21 Dec 09
    10:03 pm

  14. Hey Ben – yeah, is that a problem? Two different posts on two different blogs that I felt were relevant to something I wrote for Adify hence the link. More than happy to be educated on some blog protocol I’m not aware of – never professed to be an expert.

  15. Mike Watkins
    22 Dec 09
    3:02 am

  16. Trent, clearly one thing you are professed in is blog spamming.

    Click the below link for the education.

    Its not blog protocol, it’s just common sense.


  17. Anonymous_Coward
    22 Dec 09
    10:12 am

  18. Jesus Trent, you still smoking the shit you push?

  19. Severn & Trent Bridge
    22 Dec 09
    12:56 pm

  20. Trent Lloyd Adify – Adify Trent Lloyd. Trent Lloyd from Adify.

    Communitities on Facebook and Twitter from Adify.

    That should sort the SEO!

    Trent, be more subtle when spamming blogs.

  21. Powdered Toast
    22 Dec 09
    1:28 pm

  22. What’s with all the sooky blog monitors here? Is everyone competing to be Mumbos favourite? There was a pretty clear disclaimer in Trents initial post (in the first sentence) so why not engage with the argument? So what if he posted somewhere else isn’t that how social media works?

  23. HR @ Qantas
    22 Dec 09
    1:39 pm

  24. Maybe this is Trent’s innovative social media-way of applying for the Qantas job?

  25. DD
    22 Dec 09
    2:38 pm

  26. Now Trent I just think that it’s hilarious that you are preaching about social media in your post but you clearly have no understanding of Mumbrella if you thought that your post would go down well.

    Merry Christmas to you anyway Trent and I sincerely hope that the new year brings lots of new opportunities your way.