QUT hunts for grads to be ‘heroed’ in its ads

QUT graduate James Tilbury

Queensland University of Technology is searching for alumni to front a recruitment ad campaign next year.

The uni wants recent graduates from its courses who have gone on to have “inspiring and interesting careers” in a range of sectors, to be ‘heroed’ in a TV campaign.

Past grads to feature include an IT graduate working for Microsoft in Seattle, a New York-based advertising grad and an engineering graduate working in Dubai.

QUT has been running its graduate success campaign for more than a decade.

“We’re keen to attract a range of grads who graduated within the last three years, and who are currently working overseas for well-known companies – particularly those who aren’t afraid to get in front of a camera and put themselves out there,” said QUT’s director, marketing and communication, Tony Wilson.

The agency behind the search is BCM.


  1. In all honesty said
    3 Dec 12
    1:36 pm

  2. A testimonial campaign. Groundbreaking.

  3. Simon
    3 Dec 12
    1:39 pm

  4. Maybe this time they could find QUT graduates who aren’t working overseas for one of the segments? And are actually doing something interesting in Australia?

    Just a thought.

  5. LJL
    3 Dec 12
    4:26 pm

  6. I am a graduate from QUT, am currently enrolled in a Postgraduate Coursework Masters which I am two subject from concluding, have an exciting job in an industry I love, travel nearly every week of the year around the country and internationally every 4 months or so… And I can honestly say that QUT’s portrayal of itself is inflated at best and false at worst.

    Why? Because it is one of the most inflexible and convoluted organisation’s I’ve ever dealt with due to woeful communication with students and between departments and a ‘tick-the-box’ approach to achieving learning outcomes.

    The real world is a dynamic place that functions 24/7 thanks to technology. So for a place that still relies on the same old tired powerpoint slides, inconsistently or seldomly uses recorded lecture notes and won’t budge on offering certain units externally I find it a touch ironic that it does in fact refer to itself as a university of technology, and also a university of the real world.

    To be fair, many universities are like this and this probably isn’t the forum to express these concerns, but oh well!

  7. LB
    3 Dec 12
    8:52 pm

  8. Bring it on if it means that that utterly annoying “Cawfee” woman will be banished from our screens. If I could understand what her name is, I would have googled her ages ago to see if she is still employed.

  9. Charlie
    10 Dec 12
    6:41 am

  10. I’m sorry, but I find all of these commercials really annoying and end up channel surfing when they come on. Co-ffey… Co-ffey…