Special K launches designer handbag with snack bar pocket

Kellogg’s cereal brand Special K has teamed up with fashion designer Kirrily Johnston to produce a limited edition handbag.

The handbag is made with a special pocket, sized to fit a Special K snack bar.

The bag is launching as part of Kirrily Johnston’s Spring/Summer collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney today.

Kellogg’s claims this is one of the first times the advertiser has tried an alternative use for television for a major launch.

According to a press release, the snack bar pocket is “a visual cue to help the 96% of women who think about snacking each day to prepare for their looming snack attack.”

The ‘Special K signature red’ suede bag is valued at $750, and comes with a ‘handcrafted detachable key ring tassel’.Fifty of the bags will be winnable via a Special K competition.

Prior to fashion week, Kellogg’s had been running a consumer activation at Westfield Sydney where women were invited to weigh their handbags and share some of the more unusual items they carry. The event was filmed by Famous TV and Daily Life, with content syndicated across online platforms. It was also supported nationally through a radio partnership with Nova FM.

Kellogg’s has also teamed up with Pacific Magazines to launch a series of advertorials that play on the ‘unusual’ things women keep in their handbags, as well as tips on the ‘art of smarter snacking’.

Kellogg’s marketing manager Nik Scotcher said: “This is the first collaboration of its kind that Kellogg Australia has embarked upon. Snacking is an important part of any healthy diet but it has to be the right kind of snack and we know from research that Australian women are falling short when it comes to preparing a snack they can feel good about eating. So we decided to call upon one of Australia’s leading fashion designers Kirrily Johnston to create a bag that women will not only love but that will also act as a reminder for them to prepare for the right kind of snack every day.”


Client: Kellogg’s Special K 
Marketing Manager: Nik Scotcher
Media and Digital Manager: Anna Vuong
Brand Manager – Snacks: Nadia Zulfacar

Creative Agencies: 
Executive Ideas Director (Tongue): Jonathan Pease
Senior Account Director (JWT): Vanessa O’Brien

Media: Mindshare
Senior Strategist: Lauren Raymond
Manager: Bryony Worrall

Public Relations: Liquid Ideas
Account Director: Joy Leaper
Account Manager: Louise Tran


  1. sounds good
    30 Apr 12
    10:26 am

  2. would love to hear about the results for this campaign. Hope it works…

  3. Tbone
    30 Apr 12
    11:26 am

  4. “a visual cue to help the 96% of women who think about snacking each day to prepare for their looming snack attack.”

    Thank god for this initiative – those poor women! Having suffered 3 snack attacks since breakfast, I can completely sympathise. By putting the snack on the outside so its within easy reach will hopefully reduce snack attack anxiety amongst women. Genius!

  5. Karen
    30 Apr 12
    12:35 pm

  6. Be careful you don’t have the snack stolen as you walk down the street – the perfect visual cue is screaming – TAKE ME!

  7. Brand Panda
    30 Apr 12
    12:50 pm

  8. Want.

    Well done Special K on creating that one word in me. Your best effort since ‘short skirts are back’.

  9. Ricki
    30 Apr 12
    2:07 pm

  10. Handbag as comms channel is so 2008! That’s when GSK worked with a designer to create a handbag to promote Panadol Handipak. The pocket was on the inside however, so not taking away kudos on the outside pocket innovation from Special K.

  11. Ron Jeremy
    30 Apr 12
    2:18 pm

  12. “Executive Ideas Director”…

    That says it all.

  13. Timmy
    30 Apr 12
    2:47 pm

  14. Well done Tongue & Kellogg’s. Tastefully done, and great choice of colab talent.
    As an industry we should be applauding this kind of innovative thinking.

  15. Liam
    30 Apr 12
    4:58 pm

  16. A nice little PR idea – like a fashionable Four and Twenty Pie Plate.

    Love it!

  17. graham lang
    30 Apr 12
    5:00 pm

  18. Where is the social media part of this promotion? I cant find it

  19. Cringe
    30 Apr 12
    10:07 pm

  20. Oh my god. Can anyone any of you honestly say you would wear a bag designed by Kellogg’s with a compartment for your Muskie bar!! No insight. No idea. No hope of moving units. Advertising at its worse.

  21. Veronika K
    2 May 12
    10:25 pm

  22. I’m with Graham & Cringe – in theory a great idea but the UK execution was waaay better with a range of real, ‘i want it’ handbacks by top notch designers; not a red velvety thing with an obvious pocket on the front showing off your meusli bar! The whole UK has a much more trendy fashion look from the site down tot he bags themselves.

    TO Graham’s point – the first thing i reached for was the ‘share’ button but the social media plugins were nowhere to be found! And this is women who are shareaholics and the biggest demographic on FB… missed opportunity!

  23. graham lang
    3 May 12
    1:51 pm

  24. Veronika,
    Worse still the twitter primary user is female 39.1 years of age. Anyone tell me Special K’s Target ?
    There is still time to salvage social in this….. anyone from Kellogg brave enough to call me 0434872420 or at least vist http://www.onesmallplanet.com.au for future campaign scale.

  25. Princess
    5 May 12
    11:38 pm

  26. The cool thing about the team-up between Kellogg’s and Kirrily Johnston here is that the bag can be used by little girls, teen and even older ones.