The most prolific man on YouTube

There are, as one of Dr Mumbo’s colleagues pointed out today, a metric fuck tonne of videos on YouTube.

And Dr Mumbo has noticed a growing trend.

Christiaan Van Vuuren (you may remember him as the Fully Sick Rapper) is involved in every single one.

Bondi Hipsters? That’s him.

Shit psychic? Executive producer and star.

Pam’s Romance and Variety Hour? Produced and directed it.

Desperate Girls Roll Up On Construction Workers? Exec producer.

Eastern Suburbs Mums? Directed and produced.

He’s even in production house FSM’s sci-fi horror Too Late.

And that’s just videos uploaded in July.

YouTube without Christiaan Van Vuuren would be a cold and empty place.

Dr Mumbo liked him before he was mainstream.


  1. Dan Ilic
    24 Jul 12
    10:54 pm

  2. yeha… i liked him too :-)

  3. Jeff
    25 Jul 12
    8:41 am

  4. That old saying about quantity

  5. Daniel G
    25 Jul 12
    3:15 pm

  6. Mr Van Vuuren’s not the most prolific man on YouTube… THIS is the most prolific man on YouTube:

    This guy’s made almost 1800 tedious recreations of non-existent UK TV breakdowns and ‘interval junctions’ over about 4 years… and he’s still churning out more of this crap *every day*.