The opposite of social media PR

While Dr Mumbo wasn’t entirely surprised to hear that when consumer body Choice tested a magic treatment to waterproof mobile devices it wasn’t entirely a success.

As in, the devices protected by Liquipel died.

So good so predictable.

liquipel videoBut not what came next…

Liquipel has tweeted a link to Choice’s video.

Dr Mumbo suspects they didn’t bother to watch the video before tweeting…


  1. Krystal
    18 Sep 12
    8:59 pm

  2. Outstanding.

  3. Hotdog
    19 Sep 12
    4:01 pm

  4. Haha textbook!

  5. hmmmmm
    20 Sep 12
    7:09 am

  6. Theyre trying to backtrack on Twitter now. A bit of jargon and going on about their “terms of use” and “guidelines” as to why the review didn’t work. I think it’s plain to see – it DOES NOT WORK!