Ugg Australia builds deep customer relationships

Dr Mumbo surmised that Facebook’s new Timeline for brand pages could cause the unwary social media manager some bother.

He now realises he might have been understating it.

The official Facebook page for footwear brand Ugg Australia claims its mission is “to build on the deep relationships between the UGG brand and our customers and continue to develop lasting relationships with consumers around the world”.

He’s willing to bet they didn’t mean a relationship quite this intimate…

(The image – pixellated below by Mumbrella – has been live on Ugg Australia’s Facebook page for 11 hours at time of writing…)

Ugg Porn

HT @tali3in 

(edit: Ugg Australia is an American footwear manufacturer and has been involved in controversy over the use of “Ugg” as a trademark in Australia HT @stilgherrian)


  1. Social House Media
    23 Apr 12
    12:41 pm

  2. What a joke, a page that has 1.3m fans should be monitoring their page much more, or at least turn on post approval so they have to manually manage the content that gets displayed to all their fans, its simple logic.

  3. Gual
    23 Apr 12
    1:07 pm

  4. It seems as though this is affecting a lot of brands at the moment. The post coming from a new Facebook user tagging brands in posts. With the likes of the UFC, NFL and many more being effected.

    Definitely one to look out for.

  5. zumabeach
    23 Apr 12
    1:08 pm

  6. If you did a little research, you’d find that Ugg Australia is anything but an iconic Australian company. It is part of Deckers Outdoor Corporation based in California which internationally trademarked the ugg name years ago and has since ruthlessly pursued a number of small time operators, including Australians who had been selling uggies for years before, through the courts. Ugg Australia is about as much an Aussie iconic as McDonald’s or Coca-Cola. But, hey, it’s only marketing where anything goes!

  7. Sullos
    23 Apr 12
    2:05 pm

  8. If you squint really hard, you’ll see an Ugg Boot…

  9. Aussie
    23 Apr 12
    5:49 pm

  10. Interesting this one, because “UGG” as an official brand is indeed all owned by a US firm. Yet, I bet, most of the ‘likes’ are people liking the ugg / ug / ugh boot and not in anyway associating themselves with this American owned trademark.

  11. jean cave
    23 Apr 12
    6:47 pm

  12. Ugg remains firmly in The Blue Mountains on my Brand Production Brain Map, because that is where I bought a pair. It is where the icon originated that
    counts . . methinks

  13. S
    23 Apr 12
    9:12 pm

  14. So who had the arduous task of pixilating the photo? Such a tough job

  15. David Olsen
    24 Apr 12
    12:55 pm

  16. “2 People ‘Like’ This” by the looks of it.

  17. njk
    24 Apr 12
    1:08 pm

  18. UGH!

  19. Lucio
    24 Apr 12
    4:38 pm

  20. Looking up an old friend?

  21. Ron Jeremy
    24 Apr 12
    6:42 pm

  22. An opening in their market?

  23. Dawn Under
    26 Apr 12
    6:31 am

  24. Honestly? This should happen to all brand pages in Facebook. I love it and encourage this sort of activity as much as possible, so that the brands have to spend masses of time and effort keeping the “relationship” well managed.

    Then maybe they’ll keep out of our social conversations and personal interactions and instead concentrate on better customer service.