Aldi’s lemon on a pear ad is more than just a catchy earworm

While some might think it's cheesy, or worse, ripping off a beloved internet meme; CHE Proximity's Brian Jefferson argues we need more memorable ads like Aldi's Bon Jovi tribute in the world.

Earlier this month, Aldi in the UK released an ad which received praise, tabloid column inches and social media shares around the world.

If you’ve had Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer stuck in your head for the past week, then I’m willing to bet you know which one I’m talking about.

So what was it about the cheesy use of wordplay that made so many sit up and notice this one?

At first glance this looks like a pretty basic Award School ad.

Take the red prices off and it that’s pretty much what it is. But that’s also what kind of makes it amazing. It’s simple, real and it ran in the difficult category of retail advertising.

Is it the cleverest ‘smile in the mind’ ad we’ve seen? Nah. Certainly not in the league if some of the ‘great ads’ over the years like VW’s Lemon, ‘I never read the economist’ or even the recent FCK KFC work.

Plus, there are some who might argue they simply ripped off this ‘lizard on a chair’ meme from 2016.

But nevertheless, the ad is witty, memorable, and as it turns out, shareable. After all, I shared it on social media and now I’m writing an opinion piece about it. Even Reddit loved it.

A rare set of outcomes for a discount supermarket chain ad.

If there were ever an example of an ad which actually delivered on the promise of ‘achieving cut through’, this would be it.

It displays the perfect marriage of a witty headline working seamlessly with a simple image to make people notice, and in turn love, an ad.

And by ‘love’, I mean an ad that the tabloids write about, the morning shows do a piece on and that you’ll likely show your mum.

And I’m sure the team were excited to take it and sell it to the client.

Lemon on a pear.

We need more of this in the world today.

Brian Jefferson is group creative director at CHE Proximity.



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