Local box office bomb Bait gets sequel after international success

Australian sharksploitation film Bait 3D, which cost an estimated $30m to make, is to see a sequel despite disappointing local box office results since opening a fortnight ago.

The film’s producer Gary Hamilton said Bait 2 in 3D is already in development, due to better international results for the film, which will see a release in every major territory around the world.

Hamilton said: “We’re thrilled with how well BAIT 3D is being received by audiences. It’s not only a commercially viable film that appeals to people from every walk of life, it’s high production value brings moviegoers into the story immediately and keeps them on the edge of their seats throughout the show. BAIT 2 will bring even more.”

In opening weekend the film made $365,000 at the Australian box office for a low screen average of $1,290, followed by an even worse second weekend, taking $190,000 across 231 screens for a $825 screen average.

However, internationally the film has done better. In Italy the film took $2m and was the number one film per screen average. It was the number one independent release in Russia and number two in Malaysia.

Bait 3D is also due to open in China across approximately 2,000 screens on 12 October.

It has already opened in the US, The Netherlands and Kuwait and screened at the Venice International Film Festival.

Bait 3D is about a group of shoppers in a coastal mall that become hostages by shoplifters before a Tsunami strikes sending a great white shark into the mall to terrorise both hostages and criminals.

Directed by Kimble Rendall, the film is written by Russel Mulcahy and John Kim and produced by Hamilton, Todd Fellman, and Peter Barber with Eps Chris Brown, Ian Maycock, Mike Gabrawy, Ying Ye and Mulcahy.

Hamilton’s Arclight is handling sales for both Bait 3D and Bait 2 in 3D.



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