Data Scouts partners with ADMA for industry wide Marketing Automation & CRM skills assessment

Training and recruitment agency Data Scouts has teamed up with ADMA to provide an industry wide skills assessment program for CRM and marketing automation.

Data Scouts partners with ADMA for industry wide Marketing Automation & CRM skills assessment

End-to-end framework specifically designed to help organisations determine required skills, test current capabilities, identify skills gaps and implement a training program

Data Scouts (www.datascouts.com.au) Australia’s largest training & recruitment agency specialising in Marketing Automation, CRM and Lifecycle Marketing today announced the launch of a strategic program in partnership with the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising for an industry-wide Marketing Automation & CRM skills assessment.

To access the skills assessment framework, an organisation firstly defines the job roles, functions and the mix of skills required for each internal role. These job roles are then mapped to the ADMA IQ framework which then allows for organisations to identify what skills someone should develop to aid in their career planning and development.

Next, a self-assessment component involves organisational staff rating themselves on a scale from 1 to 5 against their understanding/proficiency in that area. Each area is driven by behavioural statements that help the staff member determine their proficiency level.

Results produced allow organisations to identify where skills need to be developed and where there are potentially under-utilised skills within their teams. All ADMA IQ and partner courses from Data Scouts have been mapped to the framework to help quickly identify the right course to address any gaps.

“As marketers, success and recognition depends on demonstrating your skills and capabilities. So therefore, it’s important to know what skills are required in this ever-changing marketplace, to equip yourself with those skills and keep them up-to-date,” said Will Scully-Power, Director at Data Scouts.

“We are very excited by this partnership with Data Scouts as it will see us extend our Professional Capability Standard framework to include specific capabilities that are essential to managing a Marketing Automation and CRM program,” said Richard Harris, Managing Director, ADMA IQ.

“We know that the lack of skilled people can be a major risk to success for Marketing Automation & CRM projects.  Companies who are in the process of implementing these technologies can now understand where they have gaps in capability and provide appropriate training for their teams,” he added.

Further details of the program will be revealed at a launch event hosted by Data Scouts in Sydney on Tuesday 15th August in Sydney and in Melbourne on Thursday 17th August.

From Data Scouts’ media release



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