The Guardian Australia reaches 33,000 paying members

Independent publication The Guardian Australia had 33,000 paying members by the end of June, said the outlet in its first annual Australian members report.

Lenore Taylor, editor of The Guardian Australia, said readers accounted for a quarter of local revenue – including via membership, subscriptions and one-off contributions – and thanked Australians for their support.

“In July 2016, we launched The Guardian’s Australian membership program, and you, our supporters, responded in your tens of thousands.

“I am very happy to report we reached 33,000 supporters at the end of June. You have helped us produce award-winning reporting on politics, the environment, asylum policy, Indigenous issues and more over the past 12 months – thank you, we are very grateful,” Taylor said.

Data provided to The Guardian’s supporters

The report also indicated The Guardian Australia has “diversified” revenue streams, and ongoing support was helping to “offset the decline in advertising revenue growth”. 

Revenue is currently being achieved through programmatic advertising, branded content, display advertising, and reader support.

“All revenue we make in Australia is invested back into our local editorial operations. Guardian Australia now employs more than 40 journalists, based in five capital cities,” the report said.

Taylor added: “This is our first annual report for our Australian members, created to show you the impact of your generous support so far. The report provides some top-line numbers, background on our newsroom operation and the stories we have produced from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

“Public interest journalism is under severe threat, and when journalism is threatened, so is democracy. Shrinking newsrooms around the world, and here in Australia, mean the vital task of holding the powerful to account is being eroded and reasonable public discourse is being undermined.

“I hope you will continue to let us know about the stories you want told and the issues you think should be investigated and I hope we’ve earned your continued support for Guardian Australia.”

The member figures do not include one-off contributors and subscribers.



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