Dr Mumbo

I’m dreaming of a racist Christmas

Dr Mumbo is not one of those PC-gone-mad types who can’t take a joke. But he does wonder if Australia could, what with its somewhat dubious history, let the dust settle for, oh, five minutes or so before venturing once more into territory that seems to him to be clearly, unanimously unacceptable.

Territory like the use of blackface.

He wonders if make up brand Illamasqua Australia, who uploaded the below image to its Facebook and promptly deleted it in the wake of public outrage, needs to remind itself of the dressing down Harry Connick Junior gave Hey Hey It’s Saturday not so long ago…

black christmas

Perhaps it’s just a cynical ploy to garner attention – in which case, well played Illamasqua. The replacement image is a particularly interesting touch.

whiteface Illamasqua

HT @Jezebel





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