Dr Mumbo


2012 appears to be the year of Korea at Cannes – as far as sponsoring the event goes.

Winning the media grand prix last year was clearly not enough for Cheil Worldwide to make its mark on the festival. So, just to make sure, the young Korean network, which opened a new office in Australia recently, has gone one step further this year – by slapping a huge banner with a monster QR code on the side of the Palais des Festivals.

But the slogan ‘Ideas that move’ – on the side of a building?

The agency has also brought a Korean pop band to La Croisette, which, according to the Cannes press team, has prompted a torrent of media enquiries enough to match the interest in visiting former US President Bill Clinton, who’s speaking at the event this week.

Not to be outdone, Cheil’s rival Innocean has also been flashing some serious sponsorship cash with client Hyundai.

Dr Mumbo hears it cost about 25,000 Euros to sponsor these steps.

Innocean has also sponsored the opening and closing gala ceremonies. Oh, and Hyundai has also parked a few of its cars outside the Palais. Although perhaps this isn’t the best way for Innocean to rid itself of a reputation for being the Korean carmaker’s inhouse agency…



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