Mumbrella360 video: How to address the chasm between brands and real people

In the lead-up to Mumbrella360 on June 7-9, we revisit highlights from last year’s event.

mumbrella360_chasm brands people -wide

Ben Shipley, digital practice lead, Asia Pacific – H+K Strategies, discusses the growing chasm between brands and people – what is causing it and how can brands cut through and connect to the market, using multiple brand case studies.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:21 What is causing it this chasm and how can brands cut through it to connect with the market
  • 4:00 How to start to reevaluate the way you talk to market when the usual isn’t working
  • 5:30 Time and technology vs the consumer experience and expectation
  • 6:44 You can’t ignore the fact the gap is growing – is content a bridge?
  • 7:30 You need a brand evangelist
  • 8:30 How to put the stories inside your business outside your business
  • 10:00 Develop your audience
  • 11:20 Build awkward alliances – how it works
  • 14:00 Translating the content and transferring knowledge
  • 15:15 Illegal Market Catalogue: a case study
  • 17:45 The Bull’s Eye View (Target)
  • 18:50 Why you need a daily presence
  • 19:30 Market preference and interest
  • 20:50 Leveraging infrastructure: German town uses annual neo Nazi parade against itself (case study)
  • 23:31 Bao Bei Hui Jia wi-fi campaign
  • 24:20 Mortein and Louie the Fly: a brand without the master brand
  • 26:35 Woolworths Fresh in our Memories: embrace fear, don’t ignore common sense
  • 27:00 Helsinki’s Physical Cookie: bringing consumers back to stores
  • 28:00 GE’s jet engine market: small markets need love too
  • 34:00 Develop your audience and measure everything
  • 35:00 Audience questions
  • 39:53 Presentation concludes


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