Dr Mumbo

Sam Mac – bought the paper, got the T-shirt

The thing about celebrity is that it can go to your head.

So Dr Mumbo is happy that Sunrise’s weather guy Sam Mac (aka the-nicest-man-on-telly-with-the-possible-exception-of-Larry-Emdur) has not got carried away by his big moment.

Because when you make the spotted column of Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph it IS a big deal… even if it’s only for picking up groceries at IGA.

But luckily, the former star of The Project’s Metro Whip is letting the moment pass without making a fuss…


Sam Mac: Mumbrella will probably use this as his file picture forever

Still, IGA spokesman Shane Jacobson probably has reason to be nervous. Dr Mumbo assumes that Mr Mac would be a lot cheaper.



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