Dr Mumbo

Sarah Wilson: Will she blend?

While Dr Mumbo is every bit as excited about the new look Sunday Life magazine as The Sun-Herald is, he felt slightly queasy seeing the image of MasterChef presenter Sarah Wilson sitting in the giant food blender, sarah-wilson-blenderparticularly with that giant on-off switch.

The mental image was really quite a disturbing one.

At the very least, the blending process would wipe the cheery smile from her face. And Dr Mumbo can’t help but wonder if it isn’t also best to wear shoes when sitting inside an industrial sized food processor.

But perhaps she could take a drink from that giant wine bottle to ease the pain of being chopped into thousands of pieces.

The perfect mix for your Sunday indeed. Happy reading everyone!

(Update: The advertising may be chilling, but the relaunched magazine is pretty good – a definite improvement. And sportingly, Wilson has Tweeted: “Dear @mumbrella, like yr thinking. I pulverise a treat but don’t mix w\ others well”)



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