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Steve Smith’s tale of redemption, as told by every newspaper ever

Imagine if you could predict what would be on the front page of the newspaper 15 months from now. Could you do it?

Dr Mumbo predicts most of you couldn’t, but 15 months ago Declan Byrne did just that – accurately calling how our news outlets would treat the return of once-disgraced, now apparent national hero, Steve Smith.

In a tweet posted on 29 March last year (and brought to Dr Mumbo’s attention by Triple M Cricket), Declan Byrne spared us all the trouble and prepared the newspapers of today in advance.

Now the real test, was he right?

Well, mostly.

Just as predicted

Smith’s arms were indeed in the air on the front and back pages of Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph which ran a splash praising Smith (but let’s face it, for any mega sports fan, the back page IS the front page).

Redemption story one

Then there’s News Corp’s national broadsheet The Australian, which gave the “ultimate tale of redemption” above-the-fold treatment.

Redemption story two

And within The Australian, the tale was even more emphatic than Byrne himself predicted.

Say it with me now… R E D E M P T I O N

Down in Adelaide, News Corp’s The Advertiser gave Smith some front-page love

Redemption story three?

And some more love in its beloved sports pages.

Redemption story number… wait, what are we up to?

While Brisbane stablemate The Courier Mail failed to give any front-page attention to the Smith love-in.

But where is the redemption?

Never fear though, Dr Mumbo found it on the beloved back page.

Phew, redemption found

And even in footy-obsessed Melbourne, the Herald Sun found some room for Smithy on both the front and back pages.

Comeback of the century – sorry to anyone else seeking redemption over the next 81 years

He did it! He made it onto the AFL’s front page

And how about the papers owned by Nine, which entered into a deal to buy the Fairfax papers around this time last year, and is currently broadcasting The Ashes?

Well The Sydney Morning Herald was having none of it on the front page.

Where is the love?

But on the ACTUAL front page (well, the sports front page), it was, as soothsayer Byrne predicted, there – front and centre.

Nailed it!

Not to mention, an addition tale on page seven.

Guess who’s back? Back again? Smithy’s back, tell a friend

Down in Melbourne, Nine’s The Age also wasn’t giving cover-page love to this as-yet-untold and exclusive tale of redemption, but it found its way onto the front page for sport.

Dr Mumbo was worried for a minute there

And within The Age, it was a celebration for the ages.

Celebrate good times, come on

Nine’s financial title The Australian Financial Review had more serious things to talk about on the front page.

Why so serious?

But in amongst its stories on banking, Crown Casinos, trade wars, and top five cruises, there it was – redemption at last.

Everybody put your hands in the air

Dr Mumbo salutes you Sir Byrne!


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