Dr Mumbo

The six year persecution of Graeme Gilbert

Spare a thought, if you will, for Graeme Gilbert.

Presumably, his dream was not to spend his career hosting the 7pm to midnight shift on 2SM.

As Wikipedia somewhat cruelly puts it: “In 2002 Gilbert’s night time show on 2SM scored a rating of 0.1% in Sydney, the lowest rating ever recorded for a commercial program in a metro market in Australia. 2SM subsequently withdrew from the Sydney radio ratings.”

But there has been one consistency over the years. As the ABC’s Media Watch noted back in 2006, the poor man is plagued by pranksters. Pranksters who repeatedly call his quiz and give the answer of “India” and state a preference for “scat”. And fair to say, that somewhere along the line, Mr Gilbert appears to have lost his sense of humour about the whole affair, where he makes vague threats of a visit from the authorities.

And sometimes the comments are cruder:

And then there’s Family Guy. As comedian Sam Mac, who’s uploaded this to his YouTube channel puts it: “Some idiot has nothing better to do than waste the time of legendary broadcaster Graeme Gilbert by reciting the lyrics to the Family Guy theme song. What a moron.”

Clearly that moron is not Sam Mac himself.

It goes without saying that ringing 13-12-69 this week and suggesting “India” would be the wrong thing to do.



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