Twitter extends video ads to all advertisers

Social media platform Twitter has extended its in-stream video ads to all advertisers this morning.

The feature, which puts pre-roll ads on users’ Twitter feeds, has been previously available to Twitter’s premium advertisers, but will now be opened up to all marketers using the service.

Twitter Australia boss, Suzy Nicoletti: “Brand safety is absolutely at the top of the mind for 2018”

Pre-roll ads were introduced on Twitter last September with a focus on the sports, e-sports and entertainment sectors. Mumbrella understands the expanded service will be available across all the platform’s audience segments.

In announcing the new features, the company also highlighted its claims of providing brand safety for advertisers, something Twitter Australia boss Suzy Nicoletti was at pains to emphasise when interviewed by Mumbrella earlier this year.

“Brand safety is absolutely at the top of the mind for 2018,” Nicoletti said. “There’s a couple of key things we’re focusing on, first and foremost is technology so we’re trying to look at our filters from both a visual and tech space angle to make sure we keep the quality and safety at a premium.

“The second thing is it is enough of a focus for us as a business to be having manual review against content. The last thing is we do put the control in the hand of advertisers so they can control where their adverts can go.”

In Twitter’s first quarter results for 2018, the company’s global advertising revenue was up 21% compared to the previous year at US$575m. Earnings before interest, depreciation and amortisation was US$244m, up 46% on the previous year.



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