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When Kyle Sandilands, 2GB and free speech collide

Free speech. Dr Mumbo loves it. And so too, it seems, does 2GB.

Indeed 2GB drive-time host Ben Fordham found out just how valuable it can be thanks to Kyle Sandilands, and, well, a floppy penis joke.

2GB loves free speech

“The free speech thing is interesting in that I recently had Kyle Sandilands come into my studio to do something, and I didn’t promote it because I thought ‘Well, the 2GB audience probably aren’t huge for Kyle’, but he’d been good to me and had me on his show, so I’ve got to return the favour. He had a TV show coming up and a charity thing, so I had him in there. Anf the whole time he’s in there I’m paranoid. I’m like ‘What’s he gonna say?’” explained Fordham at today’s Radio Alive conference in Melbourne.

It was all going well, until…

“And he’s in there and he got though the whole interview and didn’t say anything that was all that bad. And I’m like ‘beautiful’. So I got to the end of it it, and then for some reason, someone had sent in a chicken parmigiana pie for us to taste. So I said ‘Kyle, taste this pie before you go’. And he tasted it. And I said, ‘Why are you eating it with a fork?’ And he said, ‘Because it’s as floppy as an old man’s penis’.

“And I gave him this look, and he goes, ‘Can we not say that?’ And I went ‘No’.”

Thank goodness 2GB loves free speech so much though.

“And then the next morning, Adam Lang our boss sent me an email, and he said, ‘Ben. I’ve had reports that Kyle Sandilands said on your show yesterday afternoon, described the pie as being as floppy as an old man’s penis. Can you please explain?’

Fordham (second from right) won’t sensor King Kyle

“And so I said ‘Look, we champion free speech on our radio station’. I said ‘I thought to censor that moment would have gone against everything we stand for’. And he wrote back and said ‘Thank you Ben. Have a good weekend’.

“I love free speech.”

Thank goodness for free speech is all Dr Mumbo can say to that one.


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