Will Chapman recovering from transplant operation, will keep campaigning for change

will chapmanFormer UM staffer Will Chapman is currently recovering from a successful transplant operation.

Chapman created the Gracious Gift campaign to promote the need for people to sign up to the organ donor registry while on the waiting list for a double transplant.

The campaign was amplified by UM, which orchestrated a bid to encourage media owners to donate space after sister agency McCann re-cut Chapman’s TVC and created an accompanying online presence.

Chapman was an account executive at UM until he became too ill to work. He told Mumbrella that he would continue the campaign: “I have seen far too many of my friends in their 20’s miss out, and the solution is there.”

He added a note to the Gracious Gift Facebook page today which reads:

“A week ago today my life was saved by a beautiful organ donor and their loved ones decision to honour their wishes. I’ll never be able to thank my donor or their family but their selfless act in immense tragedy has saved my life, transforming me from the most desperate condition to a position of stability where I can ponder my future. Words will never be enough to describe my appreciation and gracefulness for this selflessness. Thank you to my family, Professor Allan Glanville, Professor David Celermajer, Professor Peter MacDonald and the amazing surgery team lead by Dr Phillip Spratt for providing an irreplaceable, world best service. Physiotherapist, nurses, wards staff and everyone else who contributes to the functioning behind scenes, I also thank you. Looking forward to recovering and ensuring this problem is resolved, because today alone we will again lose another 3 because of Australia’s donor crisis. W, xx”

The staff of Mumbrella and Encore Magazine wish Chapman a speedy recovery.



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