Yahoo7 ads three new ad formats to native advertising platform

Yahoo7 has launched three new formats, animated GIFs, carousel ads, and captioned slideshow video ads to its native advertising platform Gemini.

The announcement:

Yahoo7 brings native advertising to life with  GIFs, carousels and short form video

Yahoo7 has launched three new formats to its premium native marketplace, Gemini, introducing animated GIFs, carousel ads, and captioned slideshow video ads. The new formats join the brand’s leading native advertising suite and will enhance engagement and performance for advertisers and a superior user experience.

Proven to harvest higher engagement and click-through rate (CTR), the latest enhancements will present advertisers with highly viewable and engaging opportunities to reach audiences in environments that are most relevant to them, through Yahoo7’s Gemini.“Digital media is constantly evolving and, with it, the way audiences consume and engage with advertising content”, said Ben Green, Director of Data, Platforms and Exchanges at Yahoo7. “By combining data assets from Yahoo7 and partners like Quantium and MasterCard with these new premium native formats on Gemini, we are empowering our clients to connect with their audiences through a content style they love. The new GIFs, carousel ads and captioned slideshow video ads we’re now offering, are all about driving engagement on a pay for performance model that allows marketers to run simple, cost-efficient creative testing, and enticing consumers with a seamless and fun experience.”

Animated GIF: initial performance data for the animated GIF format highlights a click through rate 2.3 times higher than static ads*. In a PPC marketplace, that means a lower cost per click

Carousel ads: carousel ads allow brands to use multiple product or lifestyle creative images in an interactive, swipeable, visual story for the audience. Through third party tracking, marketers can test and determine which ad is performing the best and the optimal combination of images to optimise campaign performance. This format has been proven, through global data, to drive up to three times more customer engagement in comparison to a single image ad.

Slideshow video ads: slideshow video ads turn ordinary static images into beautiful five-second videos, with captions designed for audiences without sound. Achieving stronger performance than static ads, a recent comparison of native slideshow video ads against other formats revealed a 22 per cent increase in click through rates, and an enormous 185 per cent increase view-through rates.

Advertisers trial these new formats through the Gemini self-service UI and apply third party viewability measurement with MOAT and IAS integrations.

Animated GIFs, carousel and slideshow video ads formats will be available in the Australian market today.



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