Australia: a mountainous nation in Europe

Given that Australian TV networks are parochial enough that the US broadcaster NBC decided to drop the tribute to victims of London’s 7/7 terrorism attacks from its coverage the following should come as little surprise.

According to NBC’s guide to Australia, the country is “located in central Europe, bordered to the north by Germany and the Czech Repulic”. Australia is, apparently “primarily mountainous”.

Which sounds a lot like Austria to Dr Mumbo.

NBC on Australia



  1. Ashley
    30 Jul 12
    12:37 pm

  2. I’ve just come back from Europe and in Austria you can buys tee shirts with a road sign printed slogan saying “There are no Kangaroos in Austria” . Surely NBC can work that one out!

  3. Dante
    30 Jul 12
    1:00 pm

  4. I’m surprised by how much they managed to get correct actually!

  5. Kellie
    30 Jul 12
    1:02 pm

  6. Word must have gotton out – they have now updated the site and we are back in the southern hemisphere and the world is right once again.

  7. Harry
    31 Jul 12
    1:36 pm

  8. Um, I agree that that Australian TV networks are parochial, but what on earth do they have to do with NBC?

  9. Sebastian
    1 Aug 12
    3:12 pm

  10. I was also wondering what the Australian networks’ parochialism has to do with NBC.